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Best Graduation Gifts for Him 2021 - Men's Leather Work Bags

Best Graduation Gifts for Him 2021 - Men's Leather Work Bags

Got a graduation coming up for a special son, nephew or family friend? It can be really hard to know what to get them as a gift.

As they head out into the big, wide world, wouldn't it be nice to get them something that'll stay with them for life?

Something they can look at in 20 years and think:

"Wow this thing has really been with me through my whole career - look at just how far we've both came!"

At The Real Leather Company, we believe that leather bags should last a lifetime. There's nothing quite like the gift of a professional leather bag (that actually starts to look better over time!) to show your new graduate just how much you care.

In this guide, we'll go through what you should be looking for in a leather bag for a new graduate, along with our top choices this year.

Types of Leather Bags for Graduates


These are a great choice, and a typical starting point for a new graduate. Leather messenger bags are what we most often recommend for those new to the world of professional work.

Leather messenger bags are becoming increasingly more popular with professional men – you’ve probably seen plenty of younger guys carrying them to work.

Be sure to look closely at the dimensions and interior of any leather messenger bags. You want to be sure that this bag will hold everything your new graduate might need.

Look closely at the weight too – as these are primarily held over the shoulder you want to make sure you get something that they can carry comfortably. It’s worth noting that if you’ve never had a bag made from leather before, you might find it a little heavier than expected.

Are messenger bags the right leather laptop bag for your new graduate? Check out our leather messenger bags.

Best Graduation Gifts for Him 2021 - Men's Leather Work Bags


If the leather messenger bag falls somewhere between professional and casual, the leather briefcase falls firmly in the professional category.

You’ll find the leather briefcase is a great choice for those graduates who are immediately looking to be taken seriously – perfect for aspiring doctors, lawyers or any high powered professional.

Weight is a really important consideration here. Whilst in the past it may not have been much of an inconvenience to carry a heavier leather briefcase (you really only carried papers and documents), these days that’s different. Most leather briefcases will only be carried with a top handle – when you’re carrying heavier devices this can become strenuous quickly.

Looking for a seriously professional leather laptop bag? Check out our collection of leather briefcases.

Best Graduation Gifts for Him 2021 - Men's Leather Work Bags

Type of Leather

If you're looking to get a leather bag for a graduate - you'll be looking for something made from material that is designed to last over a whole 40 year career.

Here’s a quick guide to the two types of leather we recommend for graduates:


This is the very top layer of the leather hide and is the best grain available. It’s not treated, sanded or buffed – it’s exactly as it comes off the animal.

Because no chemical processes are permitted, it’s really difficult to work with and thus is the most expensive type of leather. However full grain leather is also the most hardwearing and usually lasts longest.

Take a look here at our full grain leather laptop bags.


This is the most common leather you’ll see on higher end leather laptop bags. The very top layer of the hide is again used, however chemical processes are permitted this time. The hide can be buffed and sanded and imperfections removed. This usually leads to a more uniform and smooth finish to the bag.

Top grain right for you? Look here at our top grain leather laptop bags.

Want to know more about the different types of leather? Check out our full guide here: Different Types of Leather: A Buyer’s Guide.

Best Graduation Gifts for Him 2021 - Men's Leather Work Bags

Laptop Fit

When buying a leather laptop bag for a graduate, be sure to look into what size of laptop the bag is built to hold. Measure the laptop diagonally and make a note of this when you’re browsing different bags. Most laptops will be either 13, 15 or 17 inches and you’ll want a bag that protects your size the best.

Look for a product that specifically states it fits a ‘X inch laptop’. Bonus points if it’s in a padded sleeve too!

Check out our leather bags for:

Best Graduation Gifts for Him 2021 - Men's Leather Work Bags

Top 3 Men's Leather Bags for Graduates

Here at The Real Leather Company, we know men's leather bags better than most. Below is our selection of the 3 best that we'd recommend for graduates in 2021:


Designed to upgrade your daily look, we’ve found our customers love The Daily. It’s perfect for a laptop up to 15 inches and is made from premium top grain leather.

Built to be your daily companion for decades, this is the premium leather bag for graduates.


The Daily Leather Bag for Graduates



New this year, The Jones is a classic tribute to everyone’s favorite archaeologist. If your graduate is going to be at it from dawn to dusk, just like Indy, you’ll find this full grain leather laptop bag will keep up with them and more!

With plenty of room for a laptop up to 17 inches, this is a real premium item.


The Jones The Real Leather Company



A recent addition, The Brief is a modern spin on the classic leather briefcase.

Proving popular so far, our customers tell us they love the premium top grain leather and the special key locking mechanism. Built to fit 15 inch laptops, this is the perfect office carry for the new graduate.


The Prime


At The Real Leather Company, we encourage you to look for a gift that is built to last a lifetime.

Take the time to look for a work bag for life for your new graduate.

Look for something made from full or top grain leather that will only get better with age.

There's nothing quite like the gift of a career-lasting leather bag to sustain the message to a new graduate of the value of hard work, grit and endurance.

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