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Best Leather Briefcases for Men 2022

best leather briefcases for men 2020

Looking for a no-nonsense everyday carry? You can bet the right men’s leather briefcase is the perfect everyday companion.

An instant upgrade in class, a leather briefcase tells the world you’ve well and truly arrived.

The trouble is, there’s a lot of options. How do you know which one is right for you? At The Real Leather Company, we think the right leather briefcase should be a man’s companion for a long time. We think it’s important to think about a purchase like this deeply.

You need to answer questions like: what size laptop do I need to fit? Do I need a combination lock? Do I want something with a shoulder strap? These are just some of the important questions you should be asking yourself.

There are four main types of men’s leather briefcases, and in this guide, we’ll take you through them. Read this carefully and make sure you get your perfect leather briefcase.

Leather Attaché Briefcases

These are your classic leather briefcases and probably the first thing that came to mind.

Leather attaché briefcases are known for their timeless design and are perfect for men that are looking for that classic, elegant style.

Traditionally, these briefcases were designed to hold files and documents. Most briefcases in this category will have multiple file compartments and are designed to hold stacks of A4 documents, along with pens, business cards and folders. If your profession is document or paper heavy, these are a great option.

Usually, these briefcases would be on the thicker, heavier side as they were originally designed to hold lighter materials such as paper.

Combination locks are common on leather attaché briefcases. If you’re looking for something to carry sensitive documents, these are usually a great option. Think carefully about this though, it may mean any items you need to get to frequently may take a second or two to access.

If you’re looking for something that will also hold your laptop, tablet or other tech, be sure to take a closer look inside and look for a leather attaché that has a special laptop or tablet compartment. Whilst attaché briefcases were not originally designed for the digital age, many modern briefcases in this category will have evolved to hold modern tech.

Note that when holding laptops, tablets and files many attachés are likely to be on the heavier side and are unlikely to come with a shoulder strap. Think carefully about the distances you’re likely to carry an attaché with heavier items inside.

Looking for a classic leather attaché with space for all your modern gadgets? Check out The Reagan.

Leather Laptop Sleeves

Ideal for those who only want to carry what they strictly need, leather laptop sleeves are a great choice for many.

For these types of briefcases, you’re going to want something that fits your laptop perfectly. Measure the diagonal length of your laptop screen, then look for a laptop sleeve that corresponds to that size. Most will be either 13, 15 or 17 inches.

Typically these items would be made to hold your laptop, then just a couple of accessories like your charger, a couple of documents and perhaps some other small accessories. If you like to travel light, but still want something that looks vintage and stylish, leather laptop sleeves are a great option.

These are built to be light and easy to transport. We recommend picking up one with a convenient optional shoulder strap.

It should be noted that if you have never had a real leather bag before, a leather laptop sleeve is likely to be somewhat heavier than a canvas sleeve due to the weight of the natural leather skin (think 1-2lbs weight for these).

If you’re looking for an added bonus, some laptop sleeves will come with a luggage strap, meaning you can attach these bags to the handle of a rolling suitcase and carry your luggage all at once!

Think this lighter style briefcase might be for you? Check out The Montclare. It’s perfect for 13 inch laptops, is made from premium full grain leather and even has a luggage strap for convenient carrying.

Leather Laptop Briefcases

The modern spin on the classic briefcase, leather laptop briefcases are designed to fit all the gear a modern professional needs, but in a convenient and easy to carry bag.

A solid leather laptop briefcase should be designed to carry all the gear you might need. Think multiple laptops, files, documents, folders, tablets, e-readers, chargers, pens, business cards and more. Whilst there are a range of types available, the most popular ones will hold all of your gear, whether you’re taking your gear home from the office or taking a business trip for a week.

Most briefcases in this category will be designed to fit larger laptops and are for serious business professionals.

Pro tip: look for a briefcase with multiple compartments, pockets and zippers. You’ll likely be carrying a whole bunch of stuff in one of these and you’ll want separate compartments so you can easily access what you’re looking for. Look for a bag with special laptop and tablet compartments, then whole other compartments for your files, documents and chargers.

Although these bags are likely to be on the heavier side, most should come with optional heavy-duty shoulder straps. Luggage straps for attaching to rolling suitcases are always a welcome bonus and come in super handy when you’re travelling.

Does this sound like what you’re looking for? Check out The Rockford. It’s built for multiple 17 inch laptops, is made with premium top grain leather and even has a removable laptop sleeve included!

Leather Messenger Bag Briefcases

Looking for something a bit more business casual? Leather messenger bag briefcases show off your classic style in a more relaxed way. They’re still designed to carry all your gear and they won’t go amiss in most business settings, however they’re also suitable for weekend trips and days out with friends and family.

Usually with multiple pockets on the outside, leather messenger bag briefcases are designed to compartmentalise all your accessories and should have room for your laptop, clothes, chargers and other accessories.

Think deeply about whether something more professional like an attaché or a laptop briefcase fits your style, or whether your personality really goes more with a relaxed, but refined leather messenger bag.

Look closely at the dimensions and weight to make sure your laptop fits. And perhaps be mindful of any return policies available – you’ll want to be certain all your gear fits nicely!

Think a messenger bag gives the impression you’re looking for? Check out The Cambridge. It’s classic look, yet practical size is a hit with our community.

So there you have it. Attachés, sleeves, laptop briefcases and messenger bags. We hope this guide has helped you figure out what style you’re looking for and what will best suit your needs.

Final tips for all types - be sure to measure your laptop and pay particular attention to any weights provided, real leather might be heavier than you expect!

We encourage you to think deeply about what you’ll be using your new leather briefcase for. Pick something that will be perfect for you.

Think you’re ready to pick something up? Check out our full collection of leather briefcases.