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Best Men's Leather Messenger Bags 2021

Thinking of grabbing a leather messenger bag for yourself or a loved one this year? Before you do, it’s important you’re sure you’re buying the right type of messenger bag. Leather messenger bags should not only give you the look you want, but also do what you need them to do. These are the types of questions and requirements you should be thinking about before buying: Does it carry my 15 inch laptop? Is there room for my gym gear? Will it fit under the seat in front of me on an airplane? Is the bag going to be too heavy to carry longer distances? Depending on which type of messenger bag you choose, the answers to the above will...

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7 Best Leather Laptop Bags for Men 2021

On the lookout for a leather bag this year for yourself or a loved one? Not sure what you need? We get it - there’s just so many to choose from! At The Real Leather Company, we think a premium leather laptop bag should be for life. If you agree, then shouldn’t you make sure you’re getting everything out of it you need? Before going ahead and buying the first men’s leather laptop bag you see, have you thought about these three questions? Do I want a messenger bag, a briefcase or a backpack? Should I go for full grain leather, top grain leather or genuine leather? What size laptop should my bag be built to hold? All super important...

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