Men's Leather Shoulder Bags

Premium Men's Leather Shoulder Bags for Urban Style

For men looking to upgrade their style, leather shoulder bags are always a great choice. We carry only men's genuine high quality leather shoulder bags. These are designed to be with you for a lifetime. For urban city slickers, these man bags are super convenient. They are comfortable to carry and can easily get in all your gear. It's everything you need for the day in a stylish bag.

There are a number of different styles of shoulder bags available to the modern man. Any leather bag with a shoulder strap can be considered in this category.

Full flap leather satchels are one of the most common. These have a single cut of leather over the top of the bag and are a great way to show off the full grain or top grain leather quality of your bag. Be sure to get the right size of laptop bag with a padded laptop sleeve so it can fit your computer or other device in comfortably. Leather messenger bags for men have a more retro style and feature more buckles, clasps and zippers. These are typically a little larger and should be made with premium metal materials. Leather briefcases are also a great option for professional men. They show the world you've really arrived and are usually really popular with accountants, lawyers and doctors. We highly recommend leather briefcases that have a modern spin and still have room for all your devices.

Be sure to choose a leather shoulder bag for men that is equipped with the right type of leather. You need to be really careful that you do not choose a poor quality leather with your bag. We do not recommend cross body bags made from genuine leather, PU leather or faux leather. These are either the very lowest cut of the hide without the fibers, or they are actually not real leather at all. Either way, these types of leathers do not have the durability of real leather.

We recommend either full grain leather shoulder bags or top grain leather shoulder bags. Full grain leather is the very top layer of the animal hide. It is not buffed or sanded and no chemical processes are permitted. You can think of this as essentially straight from the animal to the bag. The fibers are completely intact, meaning this is the longest lasting of all types of leather.

Top grain leather is similarly long lasting and is still the top layer of the animal hide. However, this time processes to sand or buff out imperfections are permitted. This means top grain leather shoulder bags can have a more uniform pattern and will not be as unique as full grain. For those that are looking for a smoother finish to their leather bags, we recommend using top grain.

If you care for your leather bag properly, you can expect it to last a lifetime. We recommend using a leather cleaner and conditioner to keep the fibers in the best shape possible. A good care routine done every six months can really help to make a men's leather shoulder bag last longer.

Here at The Real Leather Company, we highly recommend men's shoulder bags in leather.