The 6 Best Leather Holdalls for Men

leather mens holdall

Are you looking for a timeless bag that works just as well for a business trip, guys’ getaway, or romantic vacation? Look no further than a leather men’s travel holdall. Versatile, durable, and a signature accessory of the modern handsome man, a men’s holdall is the item you can’t – and shouldn’t – skimp on. Ideal as an investment in your own travel comfort or as a well-thought-out practical gift, a carryall is the traveling gentleman’s calling card.

If you’re wondering how to choose a men’s travel holdall that works for you, we’ve put together a handy guide to buying men’s leather holdall bags with everything you need to know about that musky leather smell, gentle curving texture…and, ahem, how practical they are – of course.

We’re all about style that’s as functional as it is timeless, so don’t sleep on these top tips from The Real Leather Company!

Why Leather?

In the first place, you might be wondering why leather at all? There are plenty of other products on the market that are surely just as good as a men’s leather weekend holdall. However, leather has remained popular since the first men started walking the Earth. Why? Because it’s more than a style choice…

For instance, leather is famous for its long-lasting strength and durability. When buying a leather bag now, you’re investing in a buddy that will carry your most prized items faithfully for at least a decade. Another reason is that leather is actually more eco-friendly than ‘vegan’ leather alternatives that are made from micro-plastics and heavily rely on chemical treatments that cause pollution.

The main takeaway? A leather men’s travel holdall is a long-term investment in style and usability.

There Are Different Types Of Leather?

Okay, now you’re convinced that you’d like a leather men’s holdall. But wait, there are different types of leather…and grades? Let us break it down for you: Basically, there are four main types of leather:

1. Full Grain Leather

Full grain leather is the top-tier stuff. It’s the very top layer of the hide and requires exceptional skill to be worked correctly. A maximum of 13% of any hide can be used for full grain leather, making it the most expensive while also being the softest, most waterproof, and longest lasting leather – it’s like it’s branded for travel bags.

2. Top Grain Leather

Top grain leather is the second-best option when it comes to leather. It’s what you’ll find your typical leather bag to be made of, seeing as it doesn’t stain easily.

3. Genuine Leather

Next up is genuine leather, which is surprisingly not the highest quality grade. However, genuine leather is extremely durable due to the added patinas and artificial processes that it goes through, while still being more affordable than full grain or top grain leather.

4. Bonded Leather

Finally, you get bonded leather, which refers to the leftover bits of leather that are pulped together to create a leather lookalike. However, it’s important to note that bonded leather doesn’t offer the same benefits as its real counterpart. It doesn’t have the top shelf durability and that natural skin feel that full grain leather offers – although it can be artificially made to look very similar for a short time!

mens leather holdall full grain

Size Schmize

Finding a size that suits your lifestyle is the next step to consider when looking for a men’s leather holdall. First, consider what the chief purpose of the bag will be. Whether you’d like to have a leather duffel to replace your checked luggage with a spacious carry-on, or if you find that you can usually chuck a few shirts into a weekend bag, you should find the ideal size for you. Here are some of the top things leather holdalls work best for:

  • Business trips (domestic and abroad)
  • Weekends away with a partner, family, or friends (watch as they all ask where you got your men's designer holdall!)
  • Traveling the world as a digital nomad with good taste
  • Gym equipment with a touch of sir (we think they're the perfect sport holdall)
  • Daily activities like moving from one event to another

We even see some of our customers buying holdalls for things we would never have expected. You could use one to carry trophies, bricks or chainsaw cases.

Ultimately, a holdall should do what it says on the tin: Hold all the things you need in easily accessible compartments, from passports to house keys.

Speaking of which…

Why Should I Care About The Interior Organization Of My Holdall?

Interior organizing seems self-explanatory: It helps keep your stuff organized. Of course, you get intelligent designs from people that have actually used holdalls and know what type of pockets, sizes, and add-ons are invaluable. If you want to use a men’s holdall to travel with, ensure that you buy one with the features you want. These could include:

  • A separate compartment for shoes
  • A pocket for travel documents like your passport
  • A laptop compartment that’s easy to access when you want to get through airport security without emptying an entire bag on the floor
  • Exterior pockets for keys and other need-to-reach items
  • Straps that can attach to a rolling suitcase
  • A pocket for a water bottle
  • A spacious center compartment for clothes and larger items

Why Am I The One Losing An Arm And A Leg Though?

You might be wondering if it’s really worth paying more for a higher quality bag. After all, it’s not you who’s supposed to be skinned here! The reality is that you get what you pay for, and quality of leather is challenging to work, but at the end of the day, it creates products that are as rugged as you are. It’s an investment – so how much are you willing to invest in quality?

mens leather holdall


Top 6 Leather Men's Holdalls:

Ready for the main event? Ok, let's go!

See below our selection of our 6 best men’s leather holdall bags:

1. The Coarse:

One of our most popular bags, The Coarse is made from premium full grain buffalo leather. It’s ideal for longer trips, with a large main compartment as well as pockets for pens, phones, tablets, business cards, and travel documents. It’s got a classic, functional look and design that’s as manly as it is classy. 

This brown leather holdall for men is created with brass hardware and with a comfortable, removable shoulder strap. You’ll know The Coarse is built for the long haul.

"Nice bag, very impressed. Looks like it will age well. Perfect size for a weekend trip. Buffalo leather is really thick, my son really seems to like it. You'd think this was a really old vintage bag, even though it's brand new." - Anonymous, The Course customer

the coarse

Shop The Coarse

2. The Denali:

Built with the traveling gentleman in mind, The Denali offers a separate shoe compartment, large main compartment, and padded laptop compartment that’s easy to access at airport security. This large men’s travel holdall is made from top grain leather with a strap to attach to a rolling suitcase handle.

Whether it's a camping with the guys, or a romantic weekend with a loved one, this duffel bag is designed to hold all the gear you need, yet still show off your classic, rugged style.

Created with durable, extra-thick, stylish leather and with a comfortable, removable shoulder strap, you’ll know it's built to last.

"Just the right size and well made. Shoe compartment was something I didn’t realize I needed so badly. Love the interior pockets as well." - Nan B., The Denali customer

The Denali


Shop The Denali

3. The Weekender:

A slightly smaller men’s holdall for shorter trips, The Weekender is made from top grain buffalo leather and features a large inner compartment as well as four outer compartments. The ideal size for a weekend away, this men's small leather holdall even has a pocket for your leisure read.

Specially designed for those weekend or week-long trips, you can still fit a ton of clothes in this 60L bag, yet it's perfect as a hand luggage holdall. Plus, there's extra room inside for your tablet, toiletry bag and water bottle. Extra outside pockets are for your cell phone, wallet and there's even an extra pocket just for your shoes (if they smell or get dirty, they're not touching any of your other gear!).

Perfect for the refined, timeless man, this extra large leather duffel has all the functionality and durability you would expect from a bag that is designed to last a lifetime.

"Excellent quality. Looks rugged and macho with a nice adventure , outdoorsy feel to it. The leather is very natural and the bag is super spacious. More than a weekender - it’s good for a full week!" - Suresh, The Weekender customer

the weekender

Shop The Weekender

4. The Duffel:

The Duffel is created with everyday functionality in mind. It’s sleek, stylish look complements its spacious compartments, shoe pocket, and multiple internal pockets for smaller, easy-to-lose items.

With a large main compartment, multiple interior pockets for your accessories, and even a separate shoe compartment, this duffel bag is ideal for those weekend trips we all look forward to.

The quintessential leather duffel bag, The Duffel is built to be the perfect travelling companion.

"Great duffel to say the least. I was definitely happy with the purchase. I’m always concerned about the zipper on these types of bags, but I was happy to see that it was a nice big size and after putting bees wax on it I think it’ll hold up for years. I do wish that height of the bag was just an inch or two bigger. That doesn’t diminish the quality of the bag though." - Evan, The Duffel customer

the duffel

Shop The Duffel

5. The Executive Duffel:

A heavy-duty, durable, and undeniably manly bag, The Executive Duffel has multiple large compartments and added space on the outside of the bag too. Made from premium top grain cow leather, this men’s black leather holdall will eat your entire suitcase for breakfast and look good doing it.

With multiple large compartments, The Executive Duffel can hold all the gear you might need. Specially designed for those work trips, you can easily fit your clothes, shoes and toiletry bag in the main compartment. We also find that this bag works great as a suit carrier holdall for work.

There's room in the two end side zipper pockets for your accessories. Plus, anything you might need easy access to can be stored in one of the four front zipper compartments or in the large backside zipper compartment.

The Executive Duffel is built to carry all your gear securely, safely and in style.

"Bought this for our aspiring executive son as a match to a backpack (the sierra) Excellent top grain leather and hardware. Was impressed with the order fulfillment process and communication." - Robert, The Executive Duffel and The Sierra customer the executive duffel


Shop The Executive Duffel

6. The Two Tone:

Soft and luxurious, The Two Tone is made from premium top grain calf skin leather for added softness and structure. An easy-to-access outer zipper lets you access travel documents with ease, while the roomy center compartment makes sure nothing gets left behind as you jet set around the world.

Crafted to be the ideal bag for any trip you're going on, this duffel bag has room for all the gear you need, yet still shows off your classic style.

You can easily fit a ton of clothes in the main compartment of this bag. Plus, there's extra compartments inside for your tablet, phone, wallet, pens, business cards and more. A thoughtfully designed outer zipper pocket is perfect for those quick access items you need when travelling, like your passport or airline ticket.

The Two Tone is built to be the last travel bag you ever need.

"I really love this two toned bag. Attractive and roomy." - Robb, The Two Tone customer


 the two tone

Shop The Two Tone

So there you have it. A complete guide to buying a men's leather holdall. We hope this guide has been helpful in deciding what type of leather you should be looking for, how you should be thinking about interior space and just why you should invest in a quality bag.

Here at The Real Leather Company we believe in investing in things that last. We sincerely hope we've helped you in this article.

We carry a large range of leather holdalls, with many more designs available than are featured here.

Click here to check out our full range of leather holdalls for men.

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