• Timeless Style

    Our designs embody understated luxury. We seamlessly blend refined minimalism with classic elegance.

  • Premium Craft

    The finest materials and craftsmanship define our approach. Every piece is handmade to last by the most experienced craftspeople.

  • Smart Design

    Effortless convenience is a hallmark of our brand. Thoughtful designs make our pieces adaptable for travel, work, and daily life.

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Meet the modern professional: a high-flyer who thrives in a demanding career.

They value understated luxury and have a refined approach to style.

They believe the best materials, thoughtful design and hard work produce goods that last.

In 2019, Zac, an executive from England, searched for a luxury work bag that matched his refined style.

He found that fine leather goods gave the sophistication he was looking for, but they fell short in his desire for understated, smart design.

Zac believed refined style and intelligent design should coexist in leather goods. 

Thus, Zac founded The Real Leather Company.

Our mission is to bring timeless style, premium craft, and smart design to professionals worldwide.

  • The Heritage Brown Leather Satchel Briefcase

    Classic Elegance

    We design each piece to reflect understated luxury. Each piece is designed and tested in the US and UK by our minimalist connoisseurs. Our bags undergo months of rigorous usage testing and many rounds of design sampling. We don’t stop until our goods are perfect for the modern professional with a classic style.

  • Built to Last

    Our leather goods are made from the finest materials found anywhere. We use natural buffalo and cowhide leather and reinforced brass hardware. In a world quick to throw things away, we make fine goods that are built to last a lifetime.

  • Intelligent Design

    Our thoughtful storage solutions include custom pockets for your devices, extra-padded laptop compartments, suitcase luggage straps and more. Our designs meet the modern demands of travel, work, and everyday life.

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The leather we use is a by-product of the farming industry that would otherwise be destroyed.

Our goods are made to last and represent the antithesis of fast fashion.

We produce goods in small batches, minimizing waste and avoiding excessive inventory.

Wherever possible, we ship orders directly from our factory, thereby reducing transport emissions.

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Our brand offers minimalist, quiet luxury that matches discerning tastes.

Explore our collections now and experience timeless elegance and modern practicality.

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