5 Best Leather Backpacks for Women

leather backpacks for women

A good handbag, backpack or work bag doesn’t just need to be stylish - it needs to be practical too. If you’re heading on a regular commute or traveling and having to carry a lot around with you, a handbag quite often just won’t cut it.

We’ve picked out our top 5 favorite leather backpacks for women so that you can get the best of both worlds and know that when you’re on your daily travels, everything you need will be secure and protected (and it will be way more comfortable!)

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leather backpacks

Why Choose A Real Leather Bag?

It can be easy to choose a cheaper, fake leather alternative, particularly when fashions are regularly changing. The problem with that is that when it comes to quality, fake leathers really can’t compare.

Real leather is an incredibly sturdy material and it has a specific visual appeal that makes the style of a leather backpack timeless.

The Best Thing About Real Leather?

The biggest advantage of genuine leather lies in its durability. The way it’s made means it is more resistant to damage from repeated use, which is why it is so commonly used for high-quality, heavy-wear clothing, like boots, belts, and handbags.

Genuine leathers will not usually have the same waxy coating that PU or fake leathers might have, and this can make the leather more durable and even water-resistant as it’s able to take in some of the moisture and use it to hydrate itself. You should try to avoid drying real leathers on heaters or with hair dryers as it can cause them to lose shape. They will dry out naturally. Avoiding these faux leather coatings will mean that you avoid unnatural cracking and the wearing away of colors.

This durability means that a real leather backpack will last for a very long time. When you shop in cheaper (or fast-fashion) stores, women's leather backpacks are quite often made from poor faux leather materials or designed to be seen rather than used. A well-cared-for real leather backpack can last for decades – after all, a bag should be practical.

Of course, with all of these perks, real leathers can be more expensive initially, but these costs really work out in the end. Imagine you get a fake leather bag instead, the heavy daily use will cause wear, the straps become weak and it's only so long before you have to buy another. A real leather bag will outlast several faux leather backpacks and this makes the investment well worth it.

Styling Real Leather Backpacks For Women

We’ve already spoken about some of the practical benefits of real leather. It’s strong, it’s durable, and it will really last. But, what about some of the more fashion-focused perks?

The great news is that leather backpacks for women are really in. The working woman is busy, always on the move and needs the practicality that comes with a well-designed accessory. So many current styles are based around this practical (and comfortable) fashion.

Leather offers fashionable flexibility. Of course, black leather backpacks are incredibly popular, but tan and even blue or green leathers can be very flexible with your wardrobe. Whether you need a formal look or are heading out on a more casual adventure, women's leather backpacks really give you that flexibility without sacrificing functionality.

A real leather backpack is a perfect accessory for school, college or the workplace. Its diversity in styling means that you could genuinely have and use this bag through several waves of fashion without it ever looking out of place. For this reason, a leather backpack is a really popular gift. Why give a gift that will last a minute when you can give a gift to last a decade?

How to Care For A Real Leather Bag and Keep It Looking New

If you treat yourself to a real leather bag, how can you keep it looking as fresh as the day you bought it?

Here are a few tips on how you can clean and maintain your leather bag (without sacrificing that nice, worn appearance.)

Any surface-level dirt or marks on your bag are fairly easy to clean. All you need to do is gently wipe it with a soft, damp cloth. For anything that seems to be a bit more stubborn, you can try using warm water to wipe it down. Try not to soak the bag, it will be able to take in some water but too much can cause it to lose its shape, especially if it’s not dried out naturally.

Real leathers will naturally have some imperfections, although they aren’t as common with women’s leather backpacks as they are with men's leather goods that tend to be more natural. These imperfections can be a big part of the appeal of the material and often are the reason that leather will only look better with age.

We always recommend against using hard or abrasive brushes or cloths on your leather backpack as this will likely cause more harm than good. Similarly, you should avoid using harsh chemicals on any real leather goods. Instead, try using a leather conditioner which can be applied if your backpack appears to be dry or cracked. (We recommend this Leather Cream

To apply it, just use a very small amount of conditioner, put it onto a lint-free cloth and gently moisturize it into your full-grain leather in a circular motion.

If you’re unsure about the product you are using, you can test out a leather conditioner on a small, unseen area of your real leather bag and leave it for 24 hours to see how the material reacts.

Our Favorite Women's Leather Goods This Year

Now for the best part! Here are 5 of our favorite leather backpacks for women this year.

1.The Cross

the cross

View The Cross

The Cross is a stylish bag that is perfect for day-to-day use. It offers a surprising amount of storage for a small carry bag and the high-quality fixtures and buckles mean it keeps your daily essentials secure.

This gorgeous handbag alternative is made from high-quality buffalo leather and is sure to remain a staple of your wardrobe for many years to come.

2. The College

the college

View The College

If you’re all about practicality then The College is for you. Suitably named, this heavy-duty backpack will fit everything you need for your studies and beyond that. It has a padded laptop sleeve and plenty of room for all of your notes, stationary and everyday essentials.

It also has a handy front and side pocket for any keys, phones or cards that need to be easily accessed on the go.

3. The Sector

the sector

View The Sector

The Sector is another leather backpack that’s built to last. This spacious bag is strong, long-lasting and suitable for carrying everything you need.

The spacious side pockets make it handy for a water bottle or any other things that need to be quickly accessed and the multiple zipped pockets mean there’s plenty of space for everything you need.

If you head out on the road a lot, this backpack also comes with a luggage strap, making it perfect for those long days of traveling where you need easy access to your headphones, book, or tickets.

4. The Mini

View The Mini

Need something practical, stylish and lightweight? The Mini might be just what you’re looking for. It might be small but it is mighty and will give you plenty of room to carry your daily essentials.

This little backpack is definitely a fashion staple. The tan color gives you plenty of flexibility when it comes to styling and makes this bag a long-lasting and easily usable leather backpack.

5. The Pouch

the pouch

View The Pouch

The Pouch is a real middle ground between function and fashion. It looks great and is available in a whole range of colors, meaning you can choose a version that really suits your style.

The high-quality fastenings will give you confidence that your essentials are secure and the thoughtfully chosen storage will mean you can easily access everything you could need.


leather backpacks


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