Leather Backpacks

Why Choose our Leather Backpacks?

Wild and free, our leather backpacks for men and women are the ultimate long lasting rucksacks. They’re built to carry your laptop, books, clothes and anything else you need for a weekend traveling in the wilderness.

These leather travel backpacks are rugged, tough and built to keep up with your demanding lifestyle. We use only full grain leather or top grain leather in these bags. There is no faux or PU leather to be found here. These are the best grains and quality of leather available. Full grain leather is direct from the animal, is it not altered at all. This means it may have imperfections, but will last longest. Top grain leather is treated slightly to smooth out imperfections, at the cost of a small amount of durability. That means you can be assured that the premium leather in all our bags will hold up for generations. There's nothing easy, cheap or breakable in these leather bags. Simply use the filters at the side of this webpage to change between the types of leather available.

These bags are also designed to be leather laptop backpacks for travel. That means you will be able to fit your 13 inch, 15 inch or 17 inch laptop in many of these bags. Many of our genuine leather backpacks will have padded laptop sleeves you can use to transport your computer safely.

We are crazy about hardware. We use only premium buckles, fasteners and zips, so you'll know that the leather isn't the only durable thing about these leather back packs. The back pack shoulder straps are made with leather also, just to complete the look.

Available in multiple colors, choose from our black leather backpacks or our different shades of light and dark brown backpacks in vintage leather.

We'd like to remind readers that leather is not always 100% water resistant. This is because we use real genuine leather which is a fully natural material. Therefore, we recommend exercising caution in particularly wet weather.

Whilst we do find that these bags are more popular as men's leather backpacks, we do find that some customers prefer our leather backpack purses as women's vintage backpacks. These bags were designed to be suitable as both men's and women's vintage backpacks.

These backpacks in leather are ideal for hiking, travel and the outdoors. Many of these bags sport lots of outer compartments. This means you can easily access your jacket, lunch, binoculars or water without needing to open up the whole bag.

We hold a range of sizes too. We have small leather mini backpacks for short day trips or weekdays in the office. Then we also have our large leather backpacks for travel that can be great for days or even weeks of exploration.

Vintage leather backpacks not for you? We also have a range of leather messenger bags, briefcases, duffel bags, shoulder bags, wallets and sling bags. Check out the rest of our website to see our full collection. Free shipping and a 30 day money back guarantee is available on all US orders.

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