Leather Sling Bags

Leather Sling Bags to keep your Essentials Safe

If you've been anywhere near an urban city recently, you will have noticed hoards of people wearing a totally new style of bag. Enter leather sling bags. These bags have exploded in popularity. And, we think, for good reason too. As the world moves on we all have more devices (and smaller pockets it seems!). We need more places to put them. Leather sling bags for women and men are a great way to carry all your gear in a stylish way.

We see these cross body bags as being popular as both women's and men's leather sling bags. For men they give a real classic look that can go great with a nice pair of leather shoes and a leather watch strap. They are ideal for men that need to carry more gear than they can fit in their pockets. For women, we find these bags are ideal when you don't quite have enough gear to make a handbag worthwhile. Not to mention, the horrific lack of pockets on women's clothes make these bags an awesome convenience.

Aside from the style statement of grabbing a sling bag in leather, these bags are also great for the protection and safety of your valuables. Hundreds of pickpockets are active in your city every day. What better to combat them than not putting any of your gear in your pockets? All our leather crossbody sling bags fasten with either a button or a zipper. These bags are held directly against your body making pickpocketing so much more challenging. You can store keep your devices, passport and important items safely with you all day.

When selecting a leather sling bag for men or women, it's crucial you choose one that is built to last. Leather is a little more expensive than alternatives, but it's because if you choose the right one it'll last way longer. We recommend choosing a bag that is made from either full grain leather or top grain leather. These are both the very top layer of the animal hide. This means this type of leather will easily last the longest. If you want something totally unique, go for full grain leather. This is not permitted to have any processes applied so the imperfections from the animal will go direct to your bag. If you want something a bit smoother, go for top grain leather. Top grain leather permits processing so can have marks buffed out. We do not recommend genuine leather, PU leather or faux leather. All these types of leather are either the lowest quality available or not actually real leather. As a consequence they will not last anywhere near as long as full or top grain leather.

Sling bags can be worn as chest bags using the strap. You also have the option of rotating them to your rear and wearing them over the shoulder as sling leather backpacks. Or, they can be worn more as a fanny pack across the waist. In our store, we stock a range of colors. You can choose from both black leather sling bags and brown leather sling bags.

Be sure to choose a leather bag that has smart organization of your valuables. Multiple pockets is always a bonus and smart interior organization can make it way easier to find your gear when you really need it.

At The Real Leather Company, we love sling bag purses in leather. Grab yours today.