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Leather Duffle Bags for Men Built for a Lifetime of Travel

Why choose a leather duffle bag?

Well, we know that as a man, you feel the call to get out there and explore. There’s a big wide world out there, and it’s waiting to be seen. And when you’re out there, you want to look your best. You need the gear, the accessories and the look to keep you feeling right. As someone with timeless elegance, you know that good quality leather is always a ‘yes’.

Here at The Real Leather Company, our leather duffel bags are built for the traveling man. Whether that’s a weekend getaway reconnecting with nature, or a few days on a business trip. We’ve got your back with the highest quality leather duffle bags for men you’ll find on the internet.

Our Favorite Leather Duffle Bags

We’ve done our best to curate a collection of leather weekender bags for every need. Browse them on this webpage.

If you’re looking for the ultimate premium bag, check out The Full Grainer. It’s made from the highest quality leather you can find out there, full grain buffalo leather. It’s big enough in its main compartment for all the dirty clothes you’ll accumulate over a weekend. But still compact enough to be a comfortable carry. For something a bit more formal for work trips, we love The Duffel. Its deep brown leather screams class. And we love its easy access shoe compartment to keep your work shoes neat when using as carry on luggage. Check out The XL for the ultimate in big leather carry bags. And The Travel is our favorite all-around cowhide genuine leather duffle bag.

Premium Craftsmanship

We believe the most important thing about our leather travel bags for men is the quality of the materials and the work required. You need premium full grain or top grain leather for the bag and shoulder strap. You need the best hardware for the rivets, buckles and zippers. And you need the best thread for the stitching - you’ll be carrying a lot of gear after all.

When you bring together the finest materials, the finest craftsmen are required too. Our artisans often pass down their trade for generations. There’s no textbooks here - it’s just the knowledge of masters of their craft.

Our leather overnight bags for men are painstakingly crafted to the highest standards by our teams of expert artisans. Hours are spent crafting each bag. If it's not built to last, and it’s not heirloom quality, we’re simply not interested.

Get Your Accessories Here Too

Alongside your new leather leather duffle bag, we love a few accessories to complete the look. Our leather toiletry bags are practically a requirement for your road trips. Our leather journals compliment the thoughtful man. And if you’re planning a few day trips on your adventure, our leather fanny packs are the ideal travel companion.

If you’re looking for a different type of travel bag, our leather backpacks and briefcases continue to get rave reviews from our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I buy a leather duffle bag from The Real Leather Company?

Each piece is lovingly crafted by an expert artisan. We work with smaller tanneries that can take the time to produce the most high-quality goods.

We’ve sold over 25,000 leather bags in our time, and we’ve learned from over 1,000 reviews. We believe in what we do.

2. How do I care for my leather travel bag?

Leather travel bags are built to last. But you can really develop the real leather by following a few simple steps. Use a good leather cleaner to wipe off any grit, stains or contaminants, whilst still protecting the leather.

We recommend using a leather cream to enrich the leather. Use this twice per year.

3. Are leather weekender bags waterproof?

Standard leather bags are not waterproof. But by using a leather cream, you can develop their water resistance.

A good quality leather duffle bag should be fine in a standard rainpour. But if your leather duffle gets really soaked, we recommend air drying outside in a dry climate.

4. What is a duffle bag used for?

Most of our customers use leather weekender bags for men to store their gear when on trips. These can be business trips, weekend trips or even just a trip to the gym. When you need to carry all your travel essentials, but still look stylish, leather gym bags are ideal.

5. Is a leather duffle bag really worth it?

We find the best way to think about this is as an investment. Yes, real leather is more expensive. But what if you never need to buy another leather overnight bag again? Our leather duffles are built to last decades of use.

The cost of the duffle per year decreases with the years. And if it’s the only one you’ll ever need - well perhaps it doesn’t sound so expensive after all.

6. Do I get a warranty?

We think you’ll love your new leather duffle. But just in case it’s not quite right - all customers are protected by The Real Leather Guarantee.

With The Real Leather Guarantee, you can checkout confidently, knowing that you have a whole 30 days to decide if your leather bag is everything you dreamed of.

With the option to return your order within 30 days, you can make your decision with full peace of mind.