Leather Fanny Packs & Belt Bags

Leather Fanny Packs for the Premium Traveler

Our collection of leather fanny packs are designed with you in mind. As long time travelers ourselves, here at The Real Leather Company we know how important a premium quality leather waist bag is.

Often when experiencing new adventures, these bags will hold all of your most important gear. From passports and devices, to cash and visas. You need a quality leather belt bag to keep all your gear safe and secure.

All of our bags have specially designed pocketing systems. You'll need easy access pockets on the front to get to the gear you always need.

Stick your cellphone in the front pocket of the leather bum bag so you can easily grab it to get all those photos you will look back on in years to come. In the main zippered section, you'll want to store all your daily gear. Your cash, your credit cards (your partners hair ties - we've all been there!). That stuff you need to keep safe and know where it is at all times. Finally, we design our men's fanny packs really carefully to have secret back pockets. These push right up against you and aren't visible to those who may have nefarious theft intentions. In this pocket, you'll want to put your gear that really can't be easily replaced. Think about storing your passport and any crucial visa documents here. Depending on the design, we have our leather belt bags include as many different pockets as possible. This allows you to organize your gear logically. Everything will have it's own space and you'll always know where your devices and documents are.

Our men's and women's leather fanny packs are made from only full grain leather and top grain leather. This means we only use the very top highest quality layer of the animal hide. This makes these bags notoriously difficult to work with, but they will hold out much longer than genuine leather, bonded leather or faux leather.

Our full grain men's leather waist bags have the leather taken direct from the animal onto the bag. No chemical processes are permitted and your leather bum bag will be totally unique as each animal's skin is different. There may be imperfections and over time your bag will develop a rich natural patina. This type is the most durable and longest lasting. Your bag may well outlast you and be passed on as an heirloom.

Our top grain leather fanny packs for men are similar, however chemical processes are permitted here. This means any imperfections can be removed and most bags will appear uniform. If you're looking for a bag that looks just like the photos, top grain leather will be the way to go. As the top layer of the hide is still used, these bags are still extremely durable and set for the long haul.

In our collection, we have both black leather fanny packs and brown leather fanny packs. Choose the color that goes best with your usual travel attire. These bags are unisex and can be considered leather fanny packs for women and men.

These are designed as shoulder bags, sling bags, waist bags or bum bags, depending on your choice for the day. You can wear these bags across the shoulder by simply working with the adjustable strap. Or you can go totally hands free and wear our bags across the waist.

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At The Real Leather Company, our all products are designed for the premium adventurer. Our designer crossbody fanny packs are no different.