Men's Leather Cross Body Bags

Premium Men's Leather Cross Body Bags

Ah the men's crossbody bag. I think we all remember the days when a man's bag or murse was a little taboo. I guess the prevailing wisdom was that men don't need to carry stuff. At least not like women. Well, thankfully those days are long gone now. If you've been around any urban area recently you couldn't have helped but notice the prevalence of men's leather cross body bags. And just in time too. Because as cell phones seem to be getting larger, our pockets seem to be getting smaller. The modern man needs to carry a fair amount of gear when he leaves the house. It's a good job then, that the cross body sling bag is around. Check out our collection of the finest men's small leather cross body bags.

A leather cross body bag for men is great because you can fit in just what you need and you can wear it in a number of styles. Use the shoulder strap to wear it most commonly as a shoulder bag or chest bag. This is most comfortable over shorter distances and seems to be the trend this year. Or, you can have it double up as a bum bag, waist bag or fanny pack. Over longer distances it can be more comfortable to hold these bags across the waist. This style even seems to be coming back into fashion. Alternatively, you can wear it over the chest with the bag on your bag to make a shoulder backpack.

We sure to grab a men's designer cross body bag with premium metal materials. You want quality brass metallic hardware in the zippers, buckles and fasteners.

There's a bunch of materials out there suitable as use for a men's leather cross body sling bag, but why do we recommend real leather? I mean, it's more expensive right? Is it really worth it?

Well, we think so. And here's why. Firstly, real leather will last so much longer than any other material out there. We advertise our leather sling bags as built to last a lifetime and that's 100% true. If you look after your leather bag with proper care, there is no reason why it can't last decades. Secondly, leather tends to go with any outfit. We have both mens black leather cross body bags and mens brown leather cross body bags. They match beautifully with leather belts, shoes and watch straps. Leather is a timeless material because it looks great with all outfits. Thirdly, high quality leather develops a rich patina over time. This makes your bag completely unique and means it'll actually become more attractive as it gets older. Not something you can get in nylon or polyester equivalents. We believe it's better to invest in something that will really last.

So, you know leather is great. But what type of leather? There's a bunch available, but all your really need to remember is this. Genuine leather is bottom, worst cut and will last the shortest amount of time. You don't want genuine leather. You want full grain leather or top grain leather. These are the very top layers of the animal and have all the fibers intact. That means these leather bags will last way longer. Here at The Real Leather Company, we stock sling backpacks and sling bags for men made from only full grain and top grain leather.

Grab your men's leather cross body bag from The Real Leather Company today.