Leather Laptop Bags

Leather Laptop Bags Built for Protection and Style

Our leather laptop bags are built from premium leather only. They are designed to carry your laptop computer in a secure laptop sleeve that will hold up over decades. These leather laptop bags for women and men are your ticket to protecting your laptop, yet still showing off your classic style.

There are four main types of men's and women's laptop leather bags. Here, we'll go through what to look for in each.

Messenger bags work great as leather messenger laptop bags for men and women because they are just the right shape to fit a laptop. Messengers are really growing in popularity, especially with younger professionals. You've doubtless seen a lot of young guys in urban areas carrying real quality, vintage leather messenger bags. Be sure to grab one that is wide enough to fit your laptop and that has a padded laptop sleeve. The strap will mean you can carry these shoulder bags comfortably over longer distances.

Briefcases also work great, but usually more for leather laptop bags for men. In the past, briefcases would have been used only for documents and files. But over time, briefcases have evolved to be less about keep documents uncrumpled. These days, briefcases are more about what they say about the individual. These leather bags tell others you are a professional that should be taken seriously. As so many want to keep this look in the modern world, our leather briefcases are also built to house your devices. Grab one that is big enough to be a laptop case and you'll soon find it to be convenient, yet still make that professional statement you're looking for.

Backpacks can also work great for women's and men's leather laptop bags. Backpacks are of course made to be convenient over longer distances due to them being worn on the back. If you love the convenience of your old backpack, but need something a bit higher class, leather backpacks can be a really great option. These bags should be designed to have a premium laptop sleeve against your back. This keeps your computer safe from any bashing around and ensures it'll stay straight against your back. Whilst these are suitable for every professional situation, we find they are growing in popularity as the workforce appears to be becoming a more casual place.

Lastly, duffels can also be a choice for a laptop bag in leather. Whilst not the most popular choice, if you're looking for a weekend travel bag that can store your laptop for any work requirements, these can be perfect. Many of our duffels have concealed compartments on the underside to slide your laptop into. This keeps your computer straight against the floor of the bag and away from any dirty shoes, clothes or water bottles in the main compartment.

When choosing a laptop bag, the type of leather selected is a crucial choice. If you're investing in real leather, you'll want it to last. That's why we recommend full grain leather laptop bags and top grain leather laptop bags only. Full grain is the very top layer of the hide. No chemical processes are permitted. This makes full grain the toughest available, but does mean any imperfections from the animal hide will be apparent. Top grain leather is another great choice as it's still the very top layer of the hide, yet chemical processes are permitted. This will buff out any imperfections at the slight cost of a small amount of durability. We do not recommend laptop bags made from genuine leather, PU leather or faux leather. This is either the lowest quality of leather available, or not real leather at all. In either case, you will find bags made from these types of leather will not last very long.

In our collection we have a range of colors. Use the filters on this page to cycle between different shades of brown leather laptop bags and black leather laptop bags. Please note that as these bags are made from real leather they are not one hundred percent water resistant.

When selecting a laptop bag, it's very important you look closely at what size laptop is suitable for the bag. Measure the screen of your laptop diagonally, then look for a bag that fits this size. You can use the filters on this webpage to scroll through the different sizes of bags available.

Check out the bags on this page for our collection of the best leather laptop bags.