Leather Journals

Leather Journals for the Considered Gentleman

Our leather journals are built for those who value the thoughtful, the cerebral. They're for the daydreamers, the thinkers, those that think profoundly.

We hold a range of complete vintage leather bound journals and also leather journal covers.

Our leather bound journals are made with only full grain leather or top grain leather, there's no faux leather around here. We use only the very top (the highest quality) of the animal hide, meaning the items on this page will develop a rich, natural patina over time. Your leather travel journal will take on a unique look as the hide develops and will show all the signs of the adventures you've been on. Marks will show up on full grain leather (just like they would on our skin!), but we prefer to think of these as the character of your adventures. Whilst the pages of the journal will hold memories you can read in beautiful fountain pen, the leather skin of the journal will hold memories you can really see in the marks from your adventures. That's the reason why it's hard to beat a personalized leather journal for men.

These journals will hold up better than anything you've used before. As we use of the top layer of the hide only. This makes men's leather journals more durable, stronger and ensures that they'll last a lot longer than a basic paper made journal diary.

If you're looking for something that will really develop a character over time, go for a full grain leather journal. This type of leather is taken direct from the animal and put on to the journal. It's notoriously difficult to work with, but is the toughest leather available. NO chemical processes are permitted, so each one is completely unique. No rough edges or imperfections are removed here. Think of these as personalized leather journals.

If you are looking for something a little more uniform, we'd recommend top grain leather journals. Chemical processes are permitted here, so you'll notice these have imperfections removed and will look a little more uniform. That does not tend to affect durability much though. You'll still find top grain leather will hold up incredibly well over the long haul.

We carry a range of colors in this collection, with both brown leather journals and black leather journals available.

Leather journal notebooks can be a great addition for many out there. Based on customer feedback, here's what we read as the common reasons to grab one.

1. Traveling - For weekends in the wild, with nothing else but time to think. It's incredible the thoughts that come to you whilst hiking or in solitude. From thoughts on personal development, to relationships, to that work problem that's been itching at you for weeks. Solutions are everywhere in solitude, and to have a high quality journal means you can your thoughts down on paper and know that they're stored in a leather travelers notebook that is built to last.

2. Professional Working - The nature of the office is that problems will come up all the time. There's nothing to be done except tackle them one at a time. But we've all been there - you forget to write one problem down then poof, it's gone! Write them down in a quality leather travel diary.

Perhaps your office is a workplace where it's all about the look. Dress for the job you want right? Well, what better to show off your quality, than a premium journal. Your colleagues will know you're a man of class. A man of vintage style. You're a man who takes himself seriously and will fit in very well with your superiors when the time comes.

3. Schooling - Why not prepare yourself early for the world of professional work? At college, you may be meeting future leaders. Set the right impression with a handmade leather journal. You can write down your classes, timetables, and lecture notes. But, perhaps more importantly is the message you're sending to others. You're a man that's ready for the world. And when it comes, you're going to tackle it head on.

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