Leather Toiletry Bags & Leather Dopp Kits

Leather Toiletry Bags & Leather Dopp Kits Built for Travel

Our leather toiletry bags are designed to be travel companions for decades. Built from only premium leather, you'll find our leather dopp kits will stick around for the long haul. They've got room for all the gear you need for a weekend away. And they are conveniently designed with the utmost care sporting only quality buckles, zippers, pockets and fasteners.

So what is the difference between a men's leather toiletry bag and a men's leather dopp kit? Well, for all intents and purposes they are same thing. Both terms are used these days.

These bags were originally invented by Charles Doppelt in 1919 who sought to name them toiletry bags. However, as this was seen as less socially acceptable, the colloquial term ''dopp kit' was the one that stuck. Millions of Americans were then provided dopp kits during the second world war. Many found them so useful that when they came home, demand for them skyrocketed. Eventually Samsonite bought the Doppelt company in the 1970's. These days, we see the terms toiletry kit and dopp kit used interchangeably.

So what's the purpose of a leather men's toiletry bag? Well, they're intended to fit all the products you regularly use in the bathroom. Here, think your toothbrush, toothpaste, moisturiser, razor blades, shaving cream, hair products and any other grooming essentials. For those men that do a lot of facial hair grooming and have many products for this, we see these bags popular as complete leather shaving bags.

If you're looking at our leather weekender bags, backpacks or duffle bags you'll be wanting to make a statement about being a quality when traveling. The last thing you'll want is to pull out an old ripped nylon travel kit. A high quality dopp kit in leather will show your traveling companions that everything you own is of superior quality. You're interested in things that last.

When looking at a wash bag, it's important to consider what leather the bag is made from. There's a lot of choices and you really need to ensure you're choosing a bag that is built to keep up with your adventures. For that reason, we do not recommend faux, PU or genuine leather. Faux and PU leather are not leather at all. They are manufactured lower quality plastics made to look like leather. They won't last more than a few years at the very most. Genuine leather is the lowest quality available. It's made from the scraps of leather that do not make the final cuts for the finest bags. It's also important to note that these are not water resistant.

We recommend getting a leather toiletry bag for men that is made from either full grain leather or top grain leather. These are the very top layer of the animal hide and guaranteed to be the longest lasting. Full grain leather allows no chemical processes. This means your travel bag will be completely unique as it'll show all the imperfections from the hide. Top grain leather does allow chemical processes. Therefore, most top grain leather bags will be uniform and have a smooth finish. Choose which finish you prefer.

It's really important that you take good care of your leather dopp kit for men. If you do it properly, any leather product is very easy to clean. Use a quality cream and conditioner to keep the fibers in good shape. You should do this every 6 months or so to make sure your bags lasts decades.

Leather toiletry bags are a great addition to any weekend explorer. Grab yours today from The Real Leather Company.