Leather Man Bags & Purses

Leather Man Bags & Purses for the Urban Gentleman

Our high quality leather man bags and purses are built for days around town. These premium leather bags are perfect for carrying all the gear you need for the day. Inside them you can store your cell phone, keys, front pocket wallets, money, card cases and any other valuables. They are stylish, chic and tell you world you're a 21st century man. Gone are the days where bags were the prerogative of women. Step into the modern world with one of our man bags in leather.

Our leather purses for men are made from only high quality full grain and top grain leather. These are the very top layer of animal hides that are split from the bottom during the manufacturing process. This top layer keeps all the fibers of the hide. This means that any leathers made from the top hide layer are tougher, more durable and will ultimately last longer. Leathers made from the bottom layer of the hide are usually referred to as genuine leather or bonded leather. These are the weakest types of leather available and we do not recommend men's leather bags in these materials.

Full grain leather is top layer tough and is also completely unique. No processes are permitted on full grain leather. Therefore any imperfections and marks will be still apparent on the bag. Over time, these will develop into a rich patina that will set your purse for men apart. This is very toughest type of leather as it's essentially the straight animal hide. It will last the longest. It is common to see full grain leather man bags last for decades.

Top grain leather has processes permitted. This means imperfections and marks will be buffed out. This leads to uniform designs in the bags. Your bag will look very similar to any photos you see on this webpage. You lose a little durability, but gain a smooth finish to your top grain leather man purses.

We have a range of sizes and styles available. Our small leather purses come as sling cross body bags, fanny packs, shoulder bags, purses for men, wallets, money clips and toiletry bags. These are all designed for the basics you need each day. Our larger leather purses for men come as leather messenger bags, briefcases and even leather backpacks and duffles. These are designed as work bags or travel bags and can be suitable for a day in the office or even a longer business trip.

Many of our bags have specially designed zippers that keep your gear safe from thieves and pickpockets. Look out for pockets and zippers that are placed against your body. These are great for storing those items that are most valuable to you.

Our man bags come in a range of colors. Available we have both black leather man bags and a range of colors of brown leather bags for men.

If you look after your leather bag, you can expect it to last a lifetime. We recommend using a solid leather conditioner or leather cream. These help to enrich and preserve the fibers, meaning your bag will hold up over the long term.

When days out are calling, protect and carry your gear in out man bags made from premium leather.