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The Borsone

The Borsone

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    It's time to upgrade your traveling look.

    And for that, you need look no further than The Borsone. Named after the Italian word for duffle bag, this travel bag is all about vintage style.

    Handcrafted from premium cowhide leather, you'll know this duffle is built to last longer than any other bag you've owned. It's designed to last for decades.

    With more compartments than you can shake a stick at, you'll be able to keep your gear organized so easily. You can keep all your clothes in the main compartment. Then any easy access items like an airline ticket in the convenient magnetic closure front pocket. There's two side zippers for any valuables like your cellphone or wallet. Then, as a bonus there's even a separate shoe compartment - this is perfect if you're ever out in the wild and need somewhere to store those dirty shoes. Do it all in here without worrying about messing up your clothes in the main compartment.

    Crafted as an ideal traveling bag, you can even store this bag on the handle of a rolltop suitcase with the thoughtful luggage strap.

    If you're ready to upgrade your traveling wardrobe, look no further than The Borsone.


    • Made from premium genuine cowhide leather
    • High-quality brass hardware
    • Premium zippers
    • Sustainable, chemical-free tanning process used on this leather
    • Durable adjustable leather carrying strap can be disconnected
    • One large main compartment pocket
    • Separate shoe compartment
    • Two interior pockets, one of which is zippered for your phone or tablet. Card holder and pen holder slots too
    • One large exterior pocket closes with a magnetic closure
    • Two zippered exterior pockets
    • Strap on the back to attach to rolling suitcases


    • Dimensions: 24" L x 12" H x 12" W
    • Weight: 3.7lbs
    • Volume: 45L

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      Customer Reviews

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      Perfectly made

      This vintage duffel bag is awesome! The handmade stitching & compartments are wonderful & the smell is very nice. I purchased this as a gift for my husband & he absolutely LOVES it. I liked it so much that I wanted to purchase one for myself. I highly recommend this product & I will be making other purchases in the future.

      Thanks, that's great to read!