Leather Bags

Leather Bags Built to Last a Lifetime

Our leather bags are handcrafted by only the finest expert artisans. They are built with the utmost care and using only premium materials. These men's leather bags are guaranteed to be with you for the long haul. These are leather bags for a lifetime.

We use only high quality full grain or top grain leather in our leather products. This means your bag will likely last longer than anything you have used before. As leather is a natural material, colors may vary slightly, but you will also find that over time your leather bag develops a thick patina. This means every leather bag is completely unique. The grain and character your bag develops will be completely different from any other. For this reason, we find that our customers get really attached to their leather bags. We even often hear of these bags being used as family heirlooms.

We have a range of leather bags for men and women. Our leather goods come in various colors, styles, sizes, finishes and storage capacities. Use the filters on this webpage to toggle between the various options available. We stock the following styles.

Our leather messenger bags are designed for the casual man about town. We find these shoulder bags are great for storing a bunch of gear in a convenient, yet classy way. Messenger come in various styles, such as leather satchels or leather handbags. These bags for men are built with rich full grain or top grain leather that is designed to stick with you for the long haul. You can usually fit a full size laptop, along with anything else you need for the day in these messenger bags.

Our leather briefcases are great for the more professional man who requires something a bit more classic and refined. Attache cases are often a great choice as these are a real throwback to a vintage time. These leather laptop bags are often popular with lawyers and accountants for whom professionalism is of the utmost importance. Leather briefcases can come with or without shoulder straps, meaning you can carry these are leather shoulder bags or leather handbags.

Our leather duffle bags are often the envy of friends and family. The high quality leather often mean these can be leather travel bags for life. They are ideal as weekender bags for trips with partners, friends or family. Our duffles are designed with you in mind and can fit all of your clothes, and devices for up to a week. Some of our most useful designs also come with a special shoe compartment - pay close attention to those!

Our leather backpacks are really designed for those with more casual requirements from a leather work bag or even as a hiking backpack. They will show off your real vintage style, whilst still being really practical. Most will have a padded laptop sleeve against your back to keep your computer safe. We stock a range as both men and women's leather bags and backpacks.

We also carry a range of leather bag accessories such as leather purses, leather crossbody bags, man bags, fanny packs, bum bags and sling bags. These are slightly smaller leather bags that can work great as day bags.

We stock a range of colors, here you can find various shades of brown leather bags, along with black leather bags. Shades and colors will vary slightly due to the natural material used.

Pay close attention to the hardware of your leather bag. We use only premium buckles, fasteners and zips that are rigorously tested to ensure they hold up as long as the leather itself.

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