Top 5 Women's Leather Laptop Bags

5 Best Women’s Leather Laptop Bags in 2022
A high-quality women’s leather laptop bag is an absolute staple. We have busy lives, we’re always on the go and we need our wardrobes (and accessories) to be able to keep up.

We’ve picked our top 5 favorite leather laptop bags for women this year to help you find both style and comfort, and maybe more importantly, help you to ensure that your laptop and other belongings are kept safe and sound.

Why Choose Real Leather For Your Laptop Bag?

Leather is a really popular option for heavy-wear items like bags, purses, belts and shoes. It’s a material that offers a lot of benefits that make it perfect for a laptop bag. Whether you need something sturdy for your daily commute or a reliable piece you can take on your travels, there are lots of options out there and leather is the perfect material. Of course there are plenty of fake leather and fast fashion alternatives on the market that will typically cost a little bit less, but they also don’t offer the strength and longevity of real leather.

Real leather goods, when cared for, can last for decades. Over such a significant period of time, real leather can actually be the more affordable option. The material is much stronger and won’t wear in the same way, so a real leather bag can outlast several fake leather bags. With this in mind, real leather can also be viewed as being more environmentally friendly than alternatives. There is less waste because the products last for longer.

Genuine leather used for high-quality bags and laptop cases will be treated and coated to make sure it’s as long-lasting as possible. These coatings can help with things like moisture resistance and maintaining the shape of the bag for the best possible protection. High-quality women’s laptop bags like those on our list will also have strengthened fixtures, buckles and handles to help further protect your belongings when you’re on that hectic morning commute.

When you’re choosing a new laptop bag, there are a few key things to look for. Is it strong, durable, and stylish? Does it have enough space for everything you need? We’ve considered all of these things for our top choices and put together a list of options that will hold every highlighter, charger and sticky note that you could possibly need as well as keeping your laptop protected.

Style and Real Leather? 

Now we all love practicality and comfort, but what about when we want to look (and feel) great? There are so many options out there for real leather laptop bags, backpacks and even everyday bags so you can choose something that’s perfectly suited to your needs and style.

High-quality laptop bags will have a classic style and timeless appeal. Messenger bags and satchels are really popular options and the designs will remain in style for a long time, which is great for a product that can have such a long lifespan.

A brand new real leather laptop bag will not only look great but it will smell amazing! The scent of new leather is a unique and nice bonus when it comes to choosing these luxury materials. It’s nice to be able to take advantage of such high-quality options and they can really make any outfit look great. More expensive accessories and bags can make an inexpensive outfit look sharp and with brown and black leathers, there are no questions about color clashes.

It’s time to prioritize practicality without sacrificing style. 

Our Favorite Women's Laptop Bags

Whether you’re looking for a long-lasting laptop bag for work or school, there are so many options out there. Here are 5 of our favorite women’s leather laptop bags.

1.The Daily

the-dailyOne of the most popular bags in our entire range, The Daily offers style and practicality. This satchel is a bit of an all-rounder. It carries and protects your essentials and electronics but it’s also really handy as a daily-use bag. There’s no need to invest in several leather bags for lots of different occasions when you can choose one that does it all.

With a couple of color and size options to choose from, you can really select a laptop bag that works for you wherever and whenever you need it.

2. The Everyday

The Everyday

Stylish and sturdy, The Everyday is the perfect leather laptop bag for women. It doesn’t sacrifice any practicality and still manages to look great.

This sleek laptop bag is deceptively spacious and makes a great companion for work and travel. It even has a handy travel strap so that you can attach it to a suitcase and be on your way. There are thoughtfully added pockets for things like keys and cards that need to be easily accessed on the go – it’s a bit of an all-rounder.

The added bonus? It feels just as great as it looks.

3. The Pilot


The Pilot is a modern take on a classic design. It’s stylish, smart (and it smells amazing!) 

This real leather laptop bag is a must for ensuring you maintain your style without sacrificing security. It’s created using extra-thick buffalo leather for that extra protection but it’s still breathable and flexible. The Pilot is a great example of the strength and style that’s so common with real leather bags.

4. The Halsted


If you need something professional, The Halsted shows you mean business. It’s spacious, strong and secure, with everything you need to ensure your workday goes by without a hitch.

This women’s laptop bag is a classic design that will last for years and work for any occasion. It’s polished, professional and it’ll definitely be the envy of the office. You just can’t beat the classics.

5. The Prime


The Prime is about as classic as it comes when you’re choosing a real leather laptop bag. Women’s laptop bags can often favor style over suitability – but this one has it all.

The dark brown leather is a great choice for work where you need to remain professional but want to experience a bit of luxury. The adjustable strap means you can wear it over your shoulder or across your body and this gives it added flexibility when it comes to style.
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