Leather Wallets for Men that can Take a Beating

The men’s leather wallet. An underrated accessory? We would say so.

Every man has one. They are the lifeblood of our day. And losing it is always a big problem.

For generations, men have carried wallets for their ID’s, cash, and cards. So why not get something special? If you’re going to be using it every day, why not settle on something you really love?

Leather Wallets for the Long Haul

So, if you absolutely need to carry one, why not get a men’s leather wallet that is made to last? Most wallets for men are built for a season. We believe in something better.

At The Real Leather Company, we use premium full grain leather and top grain leather to make the best wallets for men.

We believe that using the best materials makes the best products.

Our Favorite Men’s Wallets

We stock a range of styles of brown and black leather wallets for men and women. Discover our:

1. Money Clips

The smallest is the leather money clip wallet. These are often called card holders, leather card cases or even minimalist wallets.

These are designed to hold only a driver’s license, a few debit cards, then have stainless steel attachments to hold bills. They are a real men's minimalist slim leather wallet style. Say goodbye to bulky, overstuffed wallets and hello to smaller easy-access leather card holders. These slim wallets for men are simple, lightweight and so easy to carry in a front pocket.

Check out The Money Clip. This magnetic money clip is a new arrival and perfect for carrying just what you need. This card case is a real minimalists favorite.

2. Bifold Wallets

Our classic leather bifold wallets are built to be an upgrade to this classic wallet. There's plenty of room for 6–8 payment cards, transit cards or loyalty cards in these mens wallets, along with sections for bills, business cards and interior storage for those special items we all like to keep with us. If you've got a real classic (think old english look) style and love a men's billfold leather wallet, check these best sellers out.

If you’re concerned about security, or just want to make sure no one can steal your credit card information, check our our RFID blocking leather billfold wallet. RFID bifolds a secure way to carry your stuff, are one of our best leather wallets and a current customer favorite.

3. Trifold Wallets

A leather trifold wallet is a classic and popular style of wallet. As the name suggests, it consists of three sections or folds that can be folded inward to create a compact and slim profile. Most trifolds will have a bill compartment, card holder, ID window and a coin pocket.

Usually, you’ll be able to get a little more in a trifold than a bifold. That makes them great as travel wallets. A cognac color can really bring out a vintage look in a trifold.

4. Long Wallets

We also carry larger styles, that we refer to as our long leather wallets. Many of these will hold 12 payment methods or more in the card slots and have extra functionality such as RFID protection or even passport holder, event ticket or boarding pass compartments.

Check out The Long Wallet. It’s made from pebbled leather and is an RFID wallet. With room for your phone case too, this really is an all-in-one zippered wallet.

We find these are often very popular as wristlets or women’s leather wallets. For the woman who likes to carry a little of everything in her purse or tote bag and never be caught without cards and cash, these are a great option.

The Leather Accessory Store

We’re not just a store that carries the best men’s leather wallets. Here at The Real Leather Company, we’re a one stop stop for all your fine leather goods. If you are looking for a new work bag, check out our leather messenger bags and leather briefcases. For more adventurous bags, our leather duffles and leather backpacks are a great choice.

Or, if you really are into your smaller accessories, check out those collections too. Our leather journals are perfect for the thoughtful writer. Our leather fanny packs and handbags will keep you going on days around town whilst keeping your essentials like your Apple iPhone or Android phone safe.. And our leather toiletry bags make great groomsmen gifts.


1. Do leather wallets last longer?

It really does depend on the type of leather used. If you’re talking fake leather - like PU leather or faux leather, then here’s a notification: these are not designed to go the distance.

But, if like us, you build a wallet from premium top grain or full grain leather - those wallets are really made to last. Superior materials and superior craftsmanship make a wallet last longer.

2. How do I look after a men’s leather wallet?

Contrary to popular belief, you do need to care for leather if you want it to really go the distance. We recommend using a good leather cleaner to wipe away stains, marks and contaminants on genuine leather wallets.

Then use a leather cream to treat the leather once or twice per year.

3. Can mens leather wallets get wet?

Yes, leather wallets can get wet. But please note that leather is not fully waterproof. Excessive water can cause leather to fail. That’s why we recommend treating our wallets for men with leather cream to develop water resistance.

4. How do I choose the best men’s wallet?

We recommend starting by laying out everything you need to carry in a wallet. For some, that is just a couple of credit cards and your ID. For others that might be more cards, cash and a some small photos.

If you only need to carry a few cards, a card case (sometimes referred to as a card wallet, ID wallet or front pocket wallet) might be a great option. If you’ve got a whole bunch of stuff to carry, a trifold might be worth considering.

We recommend only choosing from top grain or full grain leather wallets for men - those will last the longest, are high quality leather and are worth the investment. If a listing does not state full grain or top it’s likely a lower grade of leather such as genuine leather or PU leather.

Pay special attention to anything that is RFID blocking - this can be super useful.

If you’re buying something for a loved one, and you’re not exactly sure what they’d want, check out our gift cards. These can be redeemed immediately in real-time so make perfect last minute gifts.

5. Do I get a warranty?

We think you’ll love your new men’s wallet. But just in case it’s not quite right - all customers are protected by The Real Leather Guarantee.

To order, browse this page, then add items to your shopping cart to see the regular price, sale price and subtotal. Then checkout confidently, knowing that you have a whole 30 days to decide if your wallet or passport wallet is everything you dreamed of.

Free shipping to the USA and Canada is now available.

6. Can I get my new wallet monogrammed?

At this time, we do not provide monogramming or embossing services. However, all our fold wallets can be monogrammed by most local leather working dealers.