Top 7 Black Leather Bags for Men - Messengers, Backpacks, Duffles & Briefcases

black leather bags for men

A black leather bag really is a staple for the wardrobe of any man. Not only is it stylish and practical, but it adds a touch of luxury to everyday errands or more exciting adventures.

Black leather bags make extremely popular gifts. They’re long-lasting, hard-wearing and handcrafted to an exceptionally high-quality finish. With the right care and regular cleaning, these luxury items can be used for decades and just get better and better with time.

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black leather bags

Why is Leather A Good Choice?

Leather as a material has many benefits that make it perfect for bags, belts and even furniture. It is both strong and durable and is the perfect material for luxury, high-quality goods that stand the test of time.

When you’re shopping for bags, leather is an excellent option. It will last for longer than a canvas bag or backpack and black leather is endlessly stylish.

There are of course different types of leather, and the qualities they have derive from the section of hide used to make them. Hides are made up of layers, and each of these layers have different properties that make them suitable for different leather goods. Materials like suede will be soft but much more prone to damage whilst harder layers of the hide will be more durable. Soft leathers typically aren’t ideal for bags as items that travel and can be subject to more wear and tear.

We recommend using top grain or full grain leathers for heavy wear items like bags or wallets. They will last for much longer and will be more resistant to tearing and damage than other leathers or fake or PU leathers. These thicker layers of a hide will be more water and stain-resistant and are better suited to heavy wear.

Full grain or top grain leather products will outlast multiple cheaper alternatives, and this makes the investment extremely worthwhile. While it might feel like genuine leathers are an expensive initial expense, when compared to repeated purchasing costs for short-life products, the costs aren’t too dissimilar.

On top of these potential long-term savings when compared to non-luxury products, you will benefit from the style and visible quality of a real leather bag as well as the appearance of the material getting even better with age.

black leather bags for men

The Benefits of Top Grain or Full Grain Leather

There are many reasons why people choose black real leather bags, whether they’re a gift or just a gift to yourself, they have a lot to offer.

Top grain and full grain leathers are the highest quality leathers you can choose for goods and here are just a few features that make black leather bags using these luxury materials such special purchases.


The real perk when it comes to choosing genuine leather rather than fake leathers or lower quality alternatives is how long-lasting it can be. One high-quality leather bag can last for literally decades when properly cared for.

Briefcases, messenger bags and travel bags all see a lot of wear over the course of years, so the benefit of choosing long-lasting versions of these products far outweighs any drawbacks when it comes to value for your hard-earned money.

Leather has a long and proven reputation for being hard-wearing and durable. Historically used for armor and storage, it is a reliably strong material proven to be able to withstand travel, activity and regular use.

Real leather bags will outlast several fake or cheaper leather bags and although they can be initially more expensive, they are often cheaper over a lifetime.


Leather is a luxury material, and we all deserve a bit of luxury from time to time.

Unlike a single trip to a fancy restaurant or treating yourself to the newest phone, a luxury leather product will only get better with age. Imagine a long-lasting luxury that you can enjoy again and again.

Many real leather bags are bought as gifts for husbands or sons to celebrate milestones or birthdays and it’s no real surprise. You can provide a loved one with a luxurious item that can be enjoyed for decades rather than giving a gift with a more short-lived appeal.

Not only is the material long-lasting, but the style is too. Real leather bags still hold many of the same features and styles as they did many years ago, with additional modern twists to make them both practical and functional. Black leather messenger bags, for example, still have the buckled style but might also have a padded pocket for a laptop or tablet.

We’ve already spoken about just how long-lasting these products can be, but what does that look like?

Think about this scenario.

Your son has graduated and landed his first job. You’re, of course, very proud and want to get him a gift to celebrate. What can you get him that feels special and also will serve as a lasting reminder of everything he has achieved (and hopes to accomplish in the future?) You could get him a  high-quality real leather bag or briefcase for his new job that he can use and enjoy for his entire career.

black leather bags for men

Why Is Black Good For Accessories?

Black is a staple of any look because it goes with everything. Think of things like suits and shoes. Black is a common color for these items because they are worn repeatedly and with a variety of other styles and colors.

If you’re buying a real leather briefcase or bag as a gift, black is always a safe bet. It will go with any color suit and because these products are so long-lasting, you won’t have to worry about them going out of style.

Bags are one of the items that we use and reuse again and again. They’re an item designed to be practical but that doesn’t mean style needs to be sacrificed. Of course, it’s important that they are comfortable, spacious and high-quality, but that is why black leather bags are so great — they tick all of those boxes and they look great.

black leather bags for men

Best Black Leather Bag Features:

Everyone has different priorities when they’re shopping for their next (or even first) real leather bag. For some accessories, people choose style over substance, but with real leather bags, you can get both in a style that suits you.

1.    Great Storage

What do you use a bag for? Well, to carry everyday essentials, of course.

Whether it’s a travel or weekend bag, or a briefcase for your daily commute, a high-quality black leather bag should be able to offer you all of the storage you could ever need whilst also protecting your belongings.

Well-designed leather goods will have plenty of storage and strong stitching to ensure that you can carry whatever you need again and again without it wearing out.

Our list is a mixture of spacious work bags and luxurious carryalls and travel bags. We’ve picked spacious (yet compact) options to suit every style.

2.    Thoughtfully Designed (Pockets)

Style isn’t everything when it comes to choosing a new bag, (although our black bags do look great.) Finding the perfect bag is also about functionality, so pockets and pouches can be key.

When you’re choosing your new bag it’s best to think about why you’ll be using it. Perhaps it's a handy bag for work, in which case it might be useful to have somewhere to keep a laptop or water bottle. You might be looking for a weekend bag and a separate shoe compartment might be a real plus.

Many of the bags on our list of the best black bags for this year have thoughtful and well-designed pockets to ensure that essentials are easily accessible whilst still being protected. Back pockets are a great example of security, and practicality whilst maintaining style.

3.    Useful Sizing

In our collection of black leather bags, we’ve included a variety of styles and sizes. It’s always good to have options, and a high-quality luxury bag offers you just that — whether it’s a new work bag you’re looking for or a carryall to help you on your adventures, we’ve got you covered.

Whilst it’s important to maximize storage, it’s also important that they’re intelligently designed to be compact where needed and ensure that your contents are easily accessible.

Many of the smaller bags on our list will be able to hold a laptop and any other essential office or travel supplies that you need.

4.    Easy to Care For

Leather is an excellent choice for a black bag because it’s easy to maintain. The better maintained the condition of a bag, the longer it will last and the better it will age.

Cleaning real leather is simple and all you need is a damp cloth and some leather conditioner. With all of the right kit, it’s incredibly simple to maintain your new leather bag. With normal use, you can expect conditioning to be done every 6 to 12 months to keep your real leather bag protected and looking slick.

Before you wash or condition your leather bag it’s important to understand what type of leather your bag is. Some leathers will be less water resistant and some conditioners may not be suitable for some untreated or more sensitive leathers. All of the bags on our list are high-quality durable leathers suitable for cleaning and conditioning.

We always recommend that you use proper, specialized leather conditioners rather than DIY alternatives like vinegar or acidic washes. Not only can these alternatives damage your genuine leather products, but often these solutions can still be just as expensive as proper products designed to protect your black leather bag.

Before you use a leather conditioner, you should ensure that the visible surface of your real leather bag and any fittings are clean.

Removing surface-level dirt or dust is easy. All you need to do is wipe down your leather with a soft, slightly damp cloth and use a very soft brush on any more stubborn stains, stitching or grooves. To prevent scratching, we advise against using abrasive cloths or harsh chemical cleaners on real leather. After letting your genuine leather bag air dry for the night, gently wipe away any remaining residue with a dry cloth after cleaning and before you condition the bag.

Apply your leather conditioner after cleaning the surface of your real black leather bag. On a lint-free cloth, dab a little amount of leather conditioner. Gently work the moisturizer into the genuine leather in a circular motion until the bag is completely coated. By now, the leather will have begun to absorb the conditioner, which will begin to moisturize and revive it.

Apply a little amount to a hidden region of the leather bag and wait 24 hours to evaluate how the material responds if you are unsure about the leather conditioner product you are using or whether the type of leather might be sensitive.

You should give your genuine leather bag one hour to dry immediately after using the leather conditioner. You can add more coats if necessary after it has dried. The real leather should then be allowed to cure for 24 hours.

black leather bags for men

Who Are Black Leather Bags For?

A high-quality black leather bag or backpack can really be for anyone, but there are certain professions and interests where the combination of luxury, style and function work perfectly.

Black is a useful color because of how flexible it can be. It works with both formal and casual attire and can hide marks and blemishes that other colors may show — perfect for those moving around a lot or using their black leather bag for a busy day of work.


Whether you’re a CEO leading a team or a trainee just getting started in your career, you can feel much more confident and better prepared if you look the part.

A good black leather bag can look professional and also stylish while remaining practical. Many businessmen will choose black leather for work because it goes well with a variety of suits and is long-lasting and durable, particularly if you often move around for work or meetings.

Our selection of black leather work bags, attache cases and backpacks make for the perfect option for a working man. They’re good quality, stylish and practical and include features like laptop pouches and document storage so that your belongings can stay organized and protected on your everyday commute or when you hit the road.


Our range of black leather briefcases and attaché cases are extremely popular with those in the medical profession.

A high-quality case or bag will have necessary security features for keeping patient information secure and ensuring that no documents are lost. Some of the black leather bags featured in our list have locks, special document storage to keep files organized and protected, and easily accessible pockets for quick access should you need to respond quickly to an emergency situation.

These bags are long-lasting, high-quality products and make for excellent gifts. Gifting a high-quality bag to a medical professional can see them through much of their career and can serve as a constant reminder of their achievements in the field. Many buy husbands, partners or graduates these as memorable gifts that last for decades.


For those keen on an adventure, a black leather bag can make a great travel companion. With larger duffle bags a popular option, it’s easy to pack up and get away whether it's for a romantic weekend or work trip.

Leather, whilst firm and strong, is a fairly flexible material. It suits travel bags well and can be a great solution for maximizing storage without needing the rigid shape of a case. These larger backpacks and holdalls can make excellent carry ons for planes, trains or road trips and offer flexibility when it comes to packing for your travels.

Many of the bags on our list also come with handy compartments for laptops, shoes and even smaller, more accessible pockets, for things like passports, chargers and other things that need to be removed easily for security checks or processing.

Gifts For Husbands

Black leather bags make the perfect gifts for your partner or husband, whether it’s for a special occasion, in preparation for the trip of a lifetime or just as a fashionable addition to their daily working routine.

These beautifully crafted bags are ideal for a birthday, anniversary, or to celebrate that special occasion.

A partner can be tricky to buy for, especially if you’ve been together for a long time and experienced multiple celebrations – it can feel like you’ve exhausted your options. Luxury leather products like bags and wallets can be an excellent option that is a good balance between sentimental and practical. Everyone needs a good bag, so opting for a long-lasting, luxurious investment piece can be a really great gift.

Our customers regularly share with us just how well these gifts are received and how much these investment pieces can be treasured for many, many years — especially when they’ve been gifted by a loved one.

Gifts For Grown-Up Sons

Our real leather bags make excellent graduation or birthday gifts. It’s not uncommon for parents to buy them for grown-up sons as they embark into the world of work or travel, and the feedback we get from both parents and recipients is always great.

Of course, these durable bags are slightly more expensive than cheaper fake leather alternatives, but we think they’re well worth it. They’re stylish, well crafted and will last for many years. Cheaper alternatives don’t quite offer that same wow factor (and you can often end up having to buy a new one every year!)

Why buy a gift for just now when you can buy a gift that lasts for years?

black leather bags

The 7 Best Black Leather Bags For Men

We’ve narrowed down our favorite black leather bags to give you our top 7, whether it’s for the day job or for your weekend getaways, this list has got you covered.

Black Leather Men’s Work Bags

What are you looking for when it comes to a bag for your commute? Comfort? Practicality? Maybe you’re all about style so you can roll into the office looking (and feeling) great?

How about all of the above?

1. The Noir

the noir black leather bag

View The Noir

The Noir is a classic and functional design and that makes it an absolutely perfect work bag.

This black leather shoulder bag is a great compromise between a briefcase and messenger bag and this makes it an excellent option for both formal and informal working scenarios.

The Noir is made from premium leather and handcrafted to suit your style and offer you the flexibility to use this both at work and outside of it. The high-quality fastenings mean it can be long-lasting and deal with heavy use, wherever you choose to use it.

Messenger bags offer a classic style that really suits most looks, both formal and informal. This option will fit up to a 17-inch laptop and this makes it the perfect option for a busy professional. As well as storing and protecting your laptop, this case has room for your chargers, documents and pretty much anything else you could need to carry on your daily commute.

The Noir offers great storage and easy access to pockets as well as a removable strap, should you need to use this high-quality black leather bag as a hand-held briefcase.

The thick and comfortable strap makes The Noir easy to use day in and day out – you won’t need to invest in another leather bag anytime soon (that is of course unless you decide to get a travel bag to match!)

2. The Classic

the classic black leather bag

View The Classic

Available in a couple of sizes and colors, The Classic is nothing if not practical! This beautifully crafted black leather bag can be perfect for professional men who adopt a number of styles.

This stylish black leather satchel is made from excellent quality water buffalo leather and maintains the durability and long-lasting finish of some of the other bags on our list of favorites while remaining endlessly professional.

The Classic is available in both 16 and 18 inches so is perfect for a commute with it easily able to fit a laptop or tablet and documents or supplies you need to carry day-to-day. The satchel has an easily accessible external pocket, perfect for storing headphones or other accessories securely.

As well as being durable because of its high-quality leather finish, this black satchel has a padded pocket, meaning laptops or documents stored inside will be protected from day-to-day wear.

The Classic is simple in its style and this makes it very slick and easy to maintain. It’s the perfect option for those who need a more formal appearance with the comfort of a day-to-day bag. 

3. The Turner

View The Turner

The Turner is a slick twist on a classic briefcase and makes the perfect gift for a professional man. Briefcases aren’t as common as they used to be, so it can be tricky to find high-quality options that are both stylish and practical – The Turner definitely offers both of these qualities in abundance.

This attaché briefcase is larger than most and can expand to be 4.5” wide, allowing you to carry more. Even though it’s spacious, it has a slim and slick design. Leather is a unique material in that it’s fairly flexible and will sustain less damage if it is stretched. If you find you carry a lot of things, choosing high-quality leather can be advantageous. It will be able to hold a decent amount of weight without stretching out of shape or tearing, and this is why these products can be so long-lasting.

Just because it looks classic, it doesn’t mean this high-quality case doesn’t benefit from modern features. With a large internal pocket perfect for an iPad or small laptop, this black leather attaché case could be the perfect option for those who need to carry their tech and keep traditional paperwork organized and secure.

The Turner has a 3 digit combination lock providing you with additional security and protecting your belongings and documents. The security features make this very popular with professionals who carry sensitive data or confidential documents, like medical or legal professionals. The professional appearance but practical storage make it the perfect option for those in these industries.

This spacious professional black leather case is perfect for both storage and security with its locks and multiple storage pockets, so it’s no wonder it’s made the list of our favorite black leather bags for this year!

4. The European

the european black leather bag
View The European

The modern man needs a bag that will supplement a modern lifestyle, but why sacrifice style in the process?

New European fashion is all about luxury products, hand-made and specially crafted to last and look great. Materials used in new designer wears are extremely high quality and this stunning black leather bag definitely suits its name.

The European offers a great balance between sleek European style and practicality. Its craftsmanship makes it an attractive investment and a flexible piece to supplement the wardrobe of a stylish working professional.

As the world becomes more digital, the number of workers traveling between work and home with laptops increases, and The European black leather laptop bag might just be the perfect (and flexible) solution with its space and high-quality finish.

This high-quality leather bag is about both style and convenience with handles and a fully-adjustable strap making it flexible for the working man who’s always on the move and who has changing needs and a busy lifestyle.

The European is an extremely popular option. It can be used for a variety of occasions and it’s roomy — really roomy. This bag will easily fit a large laptop, books, your wallet, a phone and pretty much anything else wherever you want to go. 

Black Leather Travel Bags

Some of these black leather work bags lend themselves well to flexible use with both the formality for work and the style for the weekend, but what about when you need to hit the road? Here are our favorite high-quality, black leather travel bags for this year.

5. The Denali

View Product

The Denali is designed to make traveling a breeze, and the best part? — It’s the perfect size for a luxury carry-on.

This sleek duffel bag is stylish, spacious and durable. Made from premium top grain leather, the Denali is a perfect example of an investment piece that will last for decades.

Travel involves a reasonable amount of wear and tear, whether it's a road trip, a flight or a romantic getaway closer to home. Having a spacious bag that is reliably durable is key.

Duffel bags are great for storing clothes, toiletries and everything else you might need for a trip, but what about those smaller accessories that require easy access? The Denali has some external pockets perfect for keys, wallets or those travel essentials. These pockets might be easy to access but they’re also secure, with high-quality fastenings ensuring the safety of your belongings as you hit the road.

The Denali is perfect for travel storage and even has a pocket designed just for shoes, making it functional. We don’t need dirty (or smelly) shoes dirtying the rest of your gear so this bag is designed to keep everything separate and protect your contents. Shoe pockets are a great example of how black leather bags take traditional style and make them modern and functional.

The details on this bag scream luxury. Durable straps, high-quality fastenings and solid brass feet make it comfortable to carry and strong enough to secure up to 45L, whether it's over your shoulder, in a trunk or luggage compartment or attached to a case using the handy suitcase strap.

This bag is designed to be used on the go and even has a padded compartment in the base for a laptop and power pack, making it easy to remove these for any security checks as you head on your travels.

If you want style and comfort on the road, then the Denali really is for you.

6. The Western

View Product

Crafted from premium buffalo leather, The Western is an excellent black leather bag for someone who is always on the go.

A backpack is a wardrobe staple and makes for a worthy investment because of its regular use and flexibility. A high-quality product that is both durable and stylish could be a key piece of your look for many years, so choosing a luxury product might be a win-win, whether it's as a treat for yourself or a gift for a loved one.

The Western has a padded laptop sleeve, making it a good option for work but it also offers enough storage for a trip or overnight stay. If you need to take your tech with you on the road then this could be a great option that offers protection and convenience – plus you won’t need to carry all of the weight on one shoulder, making for a safer traveling experience that also prioritizes comfort.

There are easily accessible pockets to securely stash your essentials with easy access to headphones, wallets or passes. The back zipper pocket even acts as an extra secure storage section, keeping belongings protected without sacrificing convenience.

Back pockets are just another way that these classically designed bags take advantage of modern features to create stylish and functional products designed with you in mind.

The black leather backpack is a popular choice for those who enjoy a city break and the high-quality brass fixtures ensure that it will really stand the tests of your next adventure and the many that follow. 

7. The Jumbo

View The Jumbo

We’re onto the final bag from our list and last but not least is definitely a phrase that rings true for The Jumbo.

This bag combines style and storage and this makes it perfect for a work trip, a few days on location, or for use in an office where you need more than just the essentials.

With plenty of space for essentials and much much more, The Jumbo is the perfect combination bag – ideal for work and travel.

The Jumbo has space for a laptop, files, stationery and then some! At a huge 19-inches, this bag will fit just about anything you could need.

Not only is it spacious but it's comfortable to carry. Strong but flexible leather straps ensure security and make it kinder on the hands and shoulders than some other large carriers. The Jumbo, like many other genuine leather products will only get better and more comfortable with age.

With document pouches to keep everything organized and padded sections to protect your electronics, this black leather bag is the perfect solution to travel around in style, and it covers everything you need.

Black Leather Bags from The Real Leather Company

Of course, we’re huge advocates of real leather products. How could we not be when we see the tremendous quality that goes into each and every bag crafted?

They’re strong, long-lasting and look absolutely amazing, so why not treat yourself or a loved one to that one piece that will completely revolutionize your wardrobe?

Take a look at our best selling black leather bags, briefcases and wallets.

black leather bags

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