Attache Cases

Attache Cases Built for the Professional

Our collection of attache cases for men are designed with premium leather and high quality materials. These leather bags are for those who need a grown up, professional bag for work.

'Attache' is a french term, originally used to describe the administration staff of an ambassador. You can think of an attache like a modern day assistant or associate. These attaches carried critical documents, files and papers in slim, hard briefcases that became known as attache cases. These cases grew in popularity very quickly as they kept important documents free of creases, folds or rips. It was a guaranteed way to transport files without worrying about the quality of the document on the other side. Attaches rapidly expanded to other industries where important documents were used, such as law, finance and medical fields.

Leather attache cases such as the ones you see on this webpage have many distinct features. They are almost always hardbacked and cannot be bent into a different shapes like many other leather briefcases. This is so documents stay straight and any papers included will arrive in the same condition as you stored them. This is a unique feature among leather bags and why recommend men's attaché cases for those that need to transport papers, documents and other office supplies.

These bags are also built to look the part in high powered, serious professions. We find that the most common job titles that use these briefcases are doctors, accountants and lawyers. All professions in which it is critical you look like an expert that can be trusted. Therefore, it is important that quality leather is used. You're looking for something that is built to last a lifetime. In our leather attaches, we use only full grain leather and top grain leather. These are the very top layer of the animal hide. The top layer is the strongest and will last far longer than any other grain of leather. Full grain leather allows no chemical processes, but will have some imperfections as it's completely natural. Top grain leather allows chemical processes to be used so the leather briefcase will appear to have a uniform pattern. We find top grain leather attaches are most popular as they show no signs of imperfection.

More modern cases will also have built on the features of classic attaches. Whilst the traditional leather case will have only a top handle for carrying, you will see some modern cases with shoulder straps. If you are carrying a bag a long distance as an everyday carry this can be really useful. Additionally, you should be looking for a case that has a specially designed padded laptop sleeve. As these laptop briefcases are hard backed, you wont find a better leather bag for carrying your computer. That's why these are an underrated choice as a laptop bag.

For those concerned about any aspect of security, we find combination locked cases to be popular. You can set a pin code, then you will know you are the only one that can access the documents inside. If you are carrying sensitive documents, this can make attaches very attractive.

At The Real Leather Company, we stock a range of real leather attache cases. We have both black and brown attaches available, in a range of different sizes and with and without combination locks. Use the filters on this page to browse between the different styles available.

Our attaches are built with the high powered professional in mind.