Leather Travel Bags for Men

Built for Decades of Exploring

Who doesn't love to travel? New places, new experiences and making memories to last a lifetime. No matter where you go it's important you have all your important gear with you. And there's no better way to carry it than in our premium men's leather travel bags. These bags are handcrafted to be perfect for those trips away. Our collection includes smaller pilot bags, medium sized backpack, larger duffles and of course accessories such as toiletry bags. Everything you need to travel in style.

When looking for leather travel bags for men and women, it's important you carefully consider the quality of leather your bag is made from. Full grain leather travel bags or top grain leather travel bags is what you're really looking for. These are made using the upper layer of the hide that still has the fibers intact. This is critical as it means your bag will hold up much longer than any bag made from genuine leather (the lower layer of the hide). And it'll last way longer than a bag made from PU or faux leather which are actually not leather at all.

Full grain leather will have imperfections and blemishes as it's 100% straight from the animal to the bag. No chemical processes are permitted. Many love this as it means each bag is completely unique and develops a beautiful patina over time. Top grain leather is slightly different as chemical processes are permitted. Blemishes and marks will be processed out and you'll find each bag is quite similar. Either way, full grain or top grain leather will significantly outlast any other type of leather.

When looking at travel bags, there's a few different choices you could grab depending on what type of trip you have coming up.

Pilot bags are used for trips lasting a day or two. You can store all your devices along with one or two changes or clothes in the zippered pockets. As you'd expect, these are very popular with airline pilots that may have to stay overnight many times per month. If you're staying at a buddy's for a night, these can be a great option.

Backpacks are great as leather travel bags for men because they can be held comfortably against the back. If you're going on a hiking trip for a weekend getaway these can work great. You can store some clothes and other gear for one to three days in a good leather backpack.

Leather duffle bags are the ultimate traveling bag. If you get a larger one, they can last you up to a week and show the world you're a real premium traveler. They'll fit in your car trunk with no issues and can be carried short distances comfortably using the shoulder strap.

Toiletry bags are a necessity when traveling as a man. You don't want to be showing off a premium travel bag then pull out a ripped up dopp kit. Leather toiletry bags are a great addition to a travel kit.

If you look after your leather bag, you'll find it will last for decades. Leather care with a good conditioner and cream will enrich the fibers are ensure they stay in tip top condition.

If you're set for a lifetime of traveling, be sure to grab a premium leather weekender bag.