Leather Satchels

Leather Satchels Crafted for any Style

Our leather satchels are designed to complement any outfit of style. They tell the world you appreciate the classic, vintage look. You know these bags match with any look. You're a person of quality that understands the importance of a well made leather satchel bag.

There are a number of styles of women's and men's leather satchels. In this section, we'll go through each one.

Full flap satchels are an increasingly common type of satchel that you'll see many of on this page. These will hide any buckles, zippers and fasteners and can be considered the modern style. You can really show off a quality leather with these long pieces of uninterrupted hide. Flapped satchels are really easy to get into when you are on the move. You can very easily open the flap and access your devices or papers when you are commuting and get five minutes to finish up that essay. This ease of access can mean they are slightly less secure than a buckled equivalent. However, to overcome this we'd recommend making sure your bag has two methods of entry. The primary being a flap, the secondary being a zipper.

Messengers are the catch all term for leather satchel purses that do not have full flaps, but are also not briefcases. These usually come in a vintage style with plenty of buckles, fasteners and zips. Think Indiana Jones or your college professor for these bags. These shoulder bags usually come in a really rich shade of brown and be easily able to hold a load of gear. It would not be uncommon to find these bags could hold your laptop, tablet, clothes, books, files, papers and water bottle. We usually recommend leather messenger bags for those with a real vintage style.

Briefcases can be considered a more formal style of men's satchels. Whilst more uncommon as a satchel, you will find many choose these due to the more professional look you'll get. Think accountant, lawyer or doctor for these leather bags. Attache cases work great for documents and folders, but the more modern leather briefcases are a more common choice due to their ability to hold a laptop computer more securely and comfortably.

When selecting a leather crossbody satchel, ensure that you choose either a full grain leather satchel or a top grain leather satchel. These use the very top layer of the hide and will last the longest. Similar designs made with PU leather or faux leather will break down faster. It is important to note that no type of leather is fully water resistant, so keep them out of heavy rainfall wherever possible. If you are looking for a satchel bag that is built to stand the test of time, full grain or top grain are the only choices.

Men's and women's leather satchels will come in a variety of sizes. You will often find that full flap satchels will be on the smaller side with the largest often fitting a 15 inch laptop. Messengers and briefcases will often hold laptops up to 17 inches. Use the filters on this webpage to cycle through the sizes available at The Real Leather Company.

Our satchel bags come in a variety or colors. We have both brown leather satchels and black leather satchels available. Cycle through the filters on this page to find the color you are looking for.

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