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Why Choose Our Leather Briefcases for Men?

Looking for a no-nonsense everyday carry? You can bet the right men’s leather briefcase is the perfect everyday companion.

An instant upgrade in class, a leather briefcase tells the world you’ve well and truly arrived.

The trouble is, there are a lot of options. How do you know which one is right for you? We think the right leather briefcase should be a man’s companion for a long time. We think it’s important to think about a purchase like this deeply.

You need to answer questions like: 

  1. What size laptop do I need to fit? 
  2. Do I need a combination lock? 
  3. Do I want something with a shoulder strap? 

These are just some of the important questions you should be asking yourself.

On this page, you’ll find our collection of leather briefcases for you to explore. These briefcases are fashionable, but they are also very useful. 

There are four main types of men’s leather briefcases, and here, we’ll take you through them. Read this carefully and make sure you get your perfect leather briefcase. If you would like to drill down into a specific category, use the links here.

Types of Leather Briefcases

Leather Attaché Briefcases

These are your classic leather briefcases. Probably the first thing that comes to mind.

Their timeless design sets leather attaché briefcases apart. They are perfect for men that are looking for that classic, elegant style.

These briefcases hold files and documents. Most briefcases in this category will have multiple file compartments. You can hold A4 documents, along with pens, business cards, and folders. If your profession is document or paper-heavy, these are a great option.

Usually, these briefcases would be on the thicker, heavier side.

Combination locks are common on leather attaché briefcases. If you’re looking for something to carry sensitive documents, these are usually a great option. Think carefully about this though. Some items you need to get to frequently could take a second to access.

Take a closer look inside if you are looking for something to hold your laptop. Look for a leather attaché that has a special laptop or tablet compartment. Attaché briefcases are not designed for the digital age. But many modern briefcases in this category will have evolved to hold modern tech.

Many attachés are likely to be on the heavier side. They are unlikely to come with a shoulder strap. Think carefully about the distances you’re likely to carry an attaché with heavier items inside.

Leather Laptop Sleeves

Ideal for those who only want to carry what they strictly need. Leather laptop sleeves are a great choice for many.

For these types of briefcases, you’re going to want something that fits your laptop perfectly. Measure the diagonal length of your laptop screen. Then look for a laptop sleeve that corresponds to that size. Most will be either 13, 15 or 17 inches.

Typically these items would be made to hold your laptop. Then just a couple of accessories. Such as your charger and a couple of documents. 

Leather laptop sleeves are a great option if you like to travel light. But you still want something that looks vintage and stylish.

These are built to be light and easy to transport. We recommend picking up one with a convenient optional shoulder strap.

If you have never had a real leather bag before, pay close attention here. A leather laptop sleeve is going to be heavier than a canvas sleeve. This is due to the weight of the natural leather.

If you’re looking for an added bonus, some laptop sleeves will come with a luggage strap. This means you can attach these bags to the handle of a rolling suitcase. You can carry your luggage all at once.

Leather Laptop Briefcases

The modern spin on the classic briefcase. Leather laptop briefcases are designed to fit all the gear a modern professional needs. But in a convenient and easy to carry bag.

A solid leather laptop briefcase should be designed to carry all the gear you might need. Think multiple laptops, files, documents, folders, tablets, e-readers, chargers, pens, business cards and more. 

There are a range of types available. However, the most popular ones will hold all of your gear. That’s whether you’re taking your gear home from the office or taking a business trip for a week.

Most briefcases in this category will be designed to fit larger laptops and are for serious business professionals.

Pro tip: look for a briefcase with multiple compartments, pockets and zippers. You’ll likely be carrying a whole bunch of stuff in one of these. You’ll want separate compartments so you can easily access what you’re looking for. 

Look for a bag with special laptop and tablet compartments. Then whole other compartments for your files, documents and chargers.

These bags are likely to be on the heavier side. Most should come with optional heavy-duty shoulder straps. Luggage straps for attaching to rolling suitcases are always a welcome bonus. They come in super handy when you’re traveling.

Leather Messenger Bag Briefcases

Looking for something a bit more business casual? Leather messenger bag briefcases show off your classic style in a more relaxed way. They’re still designed to carry all your gear and they won’t go amiss in most business settings. However they’re also suitable for weekend trips and days out with friends and family.

Usually with multiple pockets on the outside, leather messenger bag briefcases are designed to arrange all your accessories. They should have room for your laptop, clothes, chargers and other accessories.

Think deeply about whether something more professional like an attaché or a laptop briefcase fits your style. Or whether your personality really goes more with a relaxed, but refined leather messenger bag.

Look closely at the dimensions and weight to make sure your laptop fits. And perhaps be mindful of any return policies available. You’ll want to be certain all your gear fits nicely!

So there you have it. Attachés, sleeves, laptop briefcases and messenger bags. We hope this guide has helped you figure out what style you’re looking for. And what will best suit your needs.

Here are our final tips. Be sure to measure your laptop and pay particular attention to any weights provided. Real leather may be heavier than you expect.

We encourage you to think deeply about what you’ll be using your new leather briefcase for. Pick something that will be perfect for you.

Think you’re ready to pick something up? Check out our full collection of leather briefcases on this page.

Who are Leather Briefcases Good For?

Our briefcases are perfect for professionals like you. They are great for those who need a great-looking bag to carry important things.

They are great for business people or students. Our mens leather briefcases will make you look professional and keep your stuff organized.

Our leather briefcases for men are designed to upgrade your 9-5 look. They are built for the modern man. They are for the man that has one eye on quality. And the other eye on keeping up a classic, vintage style.

Leather briefcases were originally founded in the 19th century to carry legal briefs. As a result, they have kept their reputation as a professional man’s work accessory. 

We find our customers are doctors, lawyers and accountants. They are usually working in very professional settings. These professionals tend to love our collection of mens leather briefcases.

Quality Leather

At The Real Leather Company, we care about quality. That's why we only use the best materials to make our briefcases. We use real leather, which is strong and lasts a long time.

We want to make sure that your briefcase can handle the demands of your busy life. A good leather briefcase should keep your important things safe.

Our briefcases are designed using only 100% natural full grain leather and top grain leather. These leather bags are set to last a lifetime.

We understand that your business essentials are valuable and need to be protected. That's why our leather briefcases for men are made to be sturdy and long lasting. 

The high-quality leather not only looks great but also keeps your things safe. We pay attention to the little details like the stitching and zippers. This makes sure your briefcase stays in good shape for a long time.

Easy Organization

We know that using your bag is important to you. That's why our briefcases are designed with lots of pockets. 

You can easily organize your documents, laptop, tablet, pens, business cards, and other important things. Everything will have its place. You can find what you need quickly and easily.

The work bags for men you see on this page are designed as laptop briefcases. They are perfect for days in the office or when traveling on a work trip. 

Our laptop bags can fit laptops of 13 inches, 15.6 inches or 17.2 inches in padded laptop sleeves. We even have some leather briefcases that can fit multiple laptops. Use the filters on this page to see which briefcase is perfect for your laptop.

Maximum Comfort

Briefcases are usually designed to be held in the hand. However we do stock many styles that have shoulder straps.

We want you to be comfortable when you carry your briefcase. That's why we made sure to include comfortable handles and adjustable shoulder straps. You can choose how you want to carry your briefcase - by hand or over your shoulder. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to go about your day.

Our real mens leather briefcases come in a range of sizes. We have bags available from simple laptop sleeves. Our range goes up to oversize jumbo cases. These can fit in all the devices, documents and cables that you could ever need.

Hundreds of Styles

Our briefcases come in many different styles. So you can choose the one that suits your taste. We have classic designs that never go out of style. And we also have more modern ones that add a touch of uniqueness. 

We have sleek black briefcases that look professional. And we also have warm brown ones that stand out.We believe we have something for everyone.

In our collection are both brown leather briefcases and black leather briefcases. We have many different shades of brown colors, from light to dark. Use the filters to sort our briefcases by color.

Many of our leather bags come in different styles. We have the traditional attaché style, the messenger style, the laptop case style and more. Browse this page to cycle through the available designs.

If a leather briefcase isn't for you, we also have many different types of leather bags. Leather messenger bags are great for a more casual workplace setting. 

You can often get more of your gear in these. Leather backpacks are ideal for the great outdoors or a weekend hiking. Leather duffle bags are made for those looking for a vacation bag.

We also have many leather accessories, with shoulder bags, crossbody bags, purses, wallets and journals available. Check these out as accessories to go with your new leather briefcase.

Easy Shopping Experience

Shopping with us is easy and convenient. Our website is designed to be user-friendly. So you can easily browse through our collection of leather briefcases. 

We provide detailed descriptions and clear pictures and videos of each briefcase. So you know exactly what you're getting.

If you have any questions, our friendly customer support team is always here to assist you.

We know that getting your briefcase on time is important. That's why we have reliable free shipping services. 

This makes sure your order is delivered safely and quickly. We offer different shipping options. So you can choose the one that works best for you.

Your satisfaction is really important to us. If for any reason you're not happy with your leather briefcase, we have a simple return policy. Just contact our customer support team and we'll guide you through the return process. We want to make sure you're completely satisfied with your purchase.

Our briefcases for men are the ultimate way to keep your business essentials safe and protected. They are perfectly built to store everything from your lunch to your laptop. Our premium briefcases will be your new favorite accessory.

At The Real Leather Company, we believe that your professional image is important. That's why we offer a collection of leather briefcases that will help you make a great impression. You'll be ready to take on any challenge and look good doing it. Start browsing our collection now and find the perfect leather briefcase for you!


Can leather briefcases get wet?

Leather briefcases are generally water resistant, but not fully waterproof. Real leather has some natural water resistance, but excessive exposure to moisture can still cause damage.

Wherever possible, avoid damp or moisture on your leather bag. We know this is not always possible. So if your bag does get wet, here's what to do.

If you spill something on it, blot away the moisture with a clean dry cloth.

Caught in a rainstorm? Let your leather bag completely air dry. Do not use a heat source to speed up the drying as this can damage the leather. 

Stuff the bag with newspaper to help the bag keep its shape. This also helps to absorb moisture from the inside.

Taking proper care and precautions will help maintain the quality and longevity of your leather briefcase.

What are briefcases for men used for?

Our customers primarily use briefcases for carrying and organizing documents, files, laptops, and other business  items. They are a stylish and practical accessory commonly used by professionals and executives. Briefcases for men offer several benefits:

  1. Professional Image: Briefcases for men are often associated with stylish professionals, class, and authority. Carrying a leather briefcase can help individuals make a positive impression.In places such as business meetings, conferences, and other professional settings.
  2. Organization: Briefcases typically feature various compartments, pockets, and dividers. This allows users to organize their documents, electronic devices, business cards, water bottles and other essentials neatly.
  3. Protection: Leather is a durable and sturdy material. It can provide protection for valuable items like laptops, tablets, and sensitive documents. Many briefcases come with padded sections to safeguard electronic devices.
  4. Durability: Quality leather briefcases for men are built to last and can withstand the rigors of daily use. With proper care, they can maintain their appearance and functionality for years.
  5. Many Uses: While originally designed for business purposes, briefcases have evolved to suit various needs. They can be used for work related tasks. Such as job interviews and presentations. Plus also as a general accessory for carrying personal items.
  6. Fashion and Style: Leather briefcases for men come in various designs, colors, and styles. This allows individuals to express their personal taste and sense of style. They can complement a professional outfit and enhance a person's overall appearance.
  7. Travel: Leather briefcases with additional features like wheels, extendable handles, and extra storage compartments are great. They can be used as travel companions for short business trips or weekend getaways.
  8. Gifts: Leather briefcases are often considered thoughtful and sophisticated gifts for colleagues, employees, or graduates embarking on their professional journey.

Overall, briefcases serve as a practical tool for organizing and transporting business essentials. While also contributing to a polished and professional appearance.

Who uses leather briefcases?

Briefcases are commonly used by a wide range of individuals, especially in professional and business settings. Here are some of the most popular customers that use our briefcases:

  1. Business Professionals: Executives, managers, consultants, and other business professionals frequently use leather briefcases for men. They are great for carrying documents, laptops, tablets, and other work-related items.
  2. Lawyers and Legal Professionals: Attorneys, paralegals, and legal professionals use briefcases. They are great to carry legal documents, case files and contracts. Along with other important materials to and from courtrooms, client meetings, and their offices.
  3. Corporate Employees: Employees working in corporate environments often use leather briefcases to transport reports, presentations, laptops, and other office essentials.
  4. Entrepreneurs: Business owners and entrepreneurs may use leather briefcases for men. They are great for keeping their business documents, pitch materials, and communication tools organized.
  5. Academics and Educators: Professors, researchers, and educators use leather briefcases for men. They love them for carrying lecture notes, research materials, laptops, and other teaching items.
  6. Sales and Marketing Professionals: Sales representatives and marketing professionals may use leather briefcases. They use them to carry promotional materials, product samples, and sales documents.
  7. Medical Professionals: Doctors, healthcare administrators, and medical researchers may use briefcases. They use them to transport medical records, research papers, and other medical documents.
  8. Freelancers and Remote Workers: Freelancers and individuals who work remotely may use briefcases. They are great to carry their laptops, notebooks and contracts. Along with other work-related items when traveling to client meetings or co-working spaces.
  9. Government Officials: Government officials, diplomats, and civil servants may use briefcases. They are great for carrying important documents and materials related to their roles.
  10. Graduates and Students: Graduates entering the workforce and students preparing for interviews or presentations will find leather briefcases useful. They might use briefcases to convey a professional image and carry their academic materials.
  11. Travelers: Briefcases with travel features can be used by travelers. Perfect for short business trips or as carry-on items on flights.
  12. Fashion Enthusiasts: Some people use leather briefcases for men as fashion accessories. They are great to complement their outfits and express their personal style.

Overall, briefcases are versatile accessories. They can be used by anyone who needs to carry and organize their gear. This includes documents, electronics, and other items in a professional and organized manner.

How do I look after my briefcase?

Treating a real leather briefcase with care can extend its life by years.

We recommend the following to care for your leather briefcase:

Always wash your hands before caring for leather. Oil from your hands can easily transfer to leather hide.

Once a week, we recommend getting a soft, dry (or slightly damp) cloth. Then briskly sweep the leather. Don't forget the inside too! Use a cloth to wipe down the lining and remove any dirt or residue.

Use a good leather cream or conditioner once or twice per year. This will prevent your bag becoming dry or cracked. If you live in a dryer climate, you may need to do this more often.

Simply apply the cream to the entire bag with a cloth and rub off any excess. We recommend using our all natural leather cream found in our store for our bags.

Be sure to take the time to care properly for your leather. If you do, your bag can have a good, long life.

Who are briefcases popular with?

Briefcases are generally used by a variety of people who value organization. We find that our most popular customers for our briefcases are professionals. These include business executives, lawyers, and doctors. These professionals rely on briefcases to carry important documents, laptops, and other essentials to meetings.

We have also seen that students and academics find briefcases useful. They often use them to carry books, notebooks, and electronic devices.

Our briefcases are popular among individuals who want to make a professional statement. These customers often like to showcase their style and attention to detail. They are practical accessories for anyone who values a polished appearance.

Where can I buy leather briefcases?

At The Real Leather Company, you will find an extensive collection of leather briefcases. We stock over 100 different designs of briefcases. We only work with very high quality suppliers. All of our messenger bags are made from either full grain or top grain leather.

We recommend shopping on this page. Here you will find the most complete collection of quality briefcases anywhere on the internet.

How much is a leather briefcase?

Leather briefcases are generally more expensive than bags made from other materials. Prices can vary a lot depending on size and quality. 

Our collection of briefcases can go from $200 up to $500. You can understand why some are unsure if they are worth the money. The reason is that leather briefcases last a very long time. Decades in many cases.

Therefore, if they last longer they are a better investment. They will actually save you money in the long run. This is because you won’t have to keep replacing your work bag after a few years. Full grain briefcases and top grain briefcases can last a very long time.

What are the best leather briefcase brands?

The leather briefcase industry is unusual in that any one brand does not dominate it. Lots of smaller brands (like ourselves) are good options for customers. 

We recommend looking for the features you want in a leather briefcase first. What size do you want? What type of leather do you want? What style of design do you want?

Then find the case that matches your requirements from a reputable retailer.

On this page you can find our extensive collection. The Real Leather Company has over 100 designs of briefcase available.

Where do you ship?

All briefcases are eligible for Free Shipping to the US. Our best selling items are also eligible for free shipping to the UK and Canada.

Can I return my briefcase?

All briefcase purchases from our store come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Got your eye on something? Try it out for 30 days. If it's not for you, return it to us and we'll refund your order. And we promise, no hard feelings!

When will I get my order?

Most orders are processed and shipped within 1-3 business days of receipt.

Our delivery time to the US, Canada and the UK is 2-5 business days.

Can I get my briefcase monogrammed?

At this time, we do not provide embossing services. However, all our bags can be detailed by most leather working dealers. We recommend taking our bags to your local dealer for more information.