leather gifts for men

The Best 5 Leather Gifts for Men (Chosen by Experts) This Year

leather gifts for men

When it comes to buying a gift for a special man in your life, there are few things better than luxury real leather products. Not only will they last for decades, but they’re practical and stylish, making them the perfect gift.

Much of the feedback we receive comes from those who have received a real leather product as a gift for a special birthday or anniversary and what we hear is overwhelmingly positive. Leather goods aren’t typically something that you choose to buy for yourself, so this makes them the perfect gift for that special occasion and they’re really well received and cherished for many years.

leather gifts for men

Why Choose a Real Leather Gift?

When you’ve been giving gifts to a husband, boyfriend or son for a number of years, it can be easy to fall into a cycle. If gifting socks is wearing thin or you’re looking for that unique gift for a big anniversary, birthday or even a graduation, then real leather might be an excellent option.

Real leather goods are investment pieces. They’re such high quality that you can expect them to last for several years or even decades if they’re well cared for. Leather as a material is durable and strong so, if you want to give a to your husband or son that lasts a lifetime, there aren’t many better options than genuine leather products.

We recommend choosing top grain or full grain leather. These are the strongest parts of a hide and will make for some of the longest-lasting leather products. The appeal of the material isn’t just in its strength, though. These high-quality leathers will have that real, genuine leather smell and beautiful texture that makes these pieces so unique and nice to own.

fanny pack

Leather is a unique material for a few reasons. Not only is it very strong but it is also extremely stylish. Leather styles have seen very little change over many many years and this is because they go well with lots of styles and provide a wide range of functionality.

Look at messenger bags as an example. They continue to have many of the same features and stylistic qualities so many years later. With modern improvements making them suitable for things like laptops and tablets, they still maintain that classic charm and this is what makes leather so special.

Brown and black leather products are the most common colors for men, and they don’t seem to date or go out of fashion. In fact, it’s pretty well known that leather products only get better in terms of appearance and appeal as they begin to age. The material can become more and more comfortable and in the end, real leather goods can be really hard to let go of because they stick around for such a long time and are so practical.

man bag

Our Top 5 Leather Gifts for Him:

Now for the most important bit – our leather gift guide! We’ve included a range of products perfect for all kinds of interests. This time around, you can be confident that the gift you’ve bought for your husband or son is really one that they’ll love!

1. The Man Bag:

man bag

View The Man Bag

Stylish and functional, The Man Bag makes a truly brilliant gift for that special occasion. This high-quality leather piece is both durable and practical and its easily accessed pockets make it the perfect option for everyday use.

This luxury leather bag is created from the strongest layer of hide, giving it phenomenal durability and a stylish and timeless finish.

It has a number of pockets and the hardware is designed to withstand heavy and long-term use.

Man bags are having a resurgence and we’re seeing them become more and more popular with a variety of ages and styles. They’re practical yet compact and this can make them the perfect gift as a day-to-day bag.

2. The Bifold:

View The Bifold

The Bifold wallet is an affordable option that still holds the same luxury as other real leather gifts. These are extremely popular gifts for fathers, husbands and brothers and are always well received.

A wallet is such an essential and it’s one of the most frequently used items in a man’s life. This makes it incredibly important that a wallet is both secure and durable enough to withstand this heavy use.

Real leather lends itself extremely well to wallets and purses because of the material’s qualities. Genuine leather is hard-wearing and only gets better with age. Thicker leather, like the top-grain leather used for this wallet, is extremely strong and will withstand day-to-day wear on a wallet with no issues at all.

With a number of pockets and a huge amount of style, The Bifold makes the perfect, long-lasting gift for the man in your life.

Think a wallet might be perfect but not sure which to go for? Check out our guide on the best wallets.

3. The Fanny Pack

View The Fanny Pack

Practical, durable and always secure. This high-quality leather fanny pack will store everything you need and more.

Designed with busy men in mind, The Fanny Pack helps to keep all of your essentials protected in a way that’s accessible and simple. Not only that, but this stylish approach to a traditional bag makes it the perfect option for any age.

The fanny pack is really a staple accessory, and its regular heavy use means that poor-quality alternatives can quickly wear and become less secure. This real leather fanny pack is both strong and long-lasting (and did we mention stylish?)

4. The Journal

View The Journal

 What gift can you get for the creative man in your life? Why not try a real leather journal? Whether the recipient is a keen traveler, aspiring writer, or just likes to keep his thoughts in order, this journal is a favorite for a reason.

With a cover created from high-quality top-grain leather, this journal’s blank pages won’t stay blank for long. It’s easily transportable and makes an excellent daily use journal.

The stylish luxury finish will ensure that this gift for the writer in your life will travel anywhere and everywhere with them and withstand day-to-day use, only looking better with age.

5. The Gift Card

View The Real Leather Company Gift Card

Need a gift for a man that’s already got everything? There are some presents that you really can’t go wrong with and one of those is gift cards.

Help a special man in your life purchase something they really want. These gift cards are extremely popular as graduation gifts, allowing your son, relative or friend to buy a high-quality work bag or briefcase as they embark on a journey into the world of work.

Unlike most other gift cards, one that helps to buy a genuine leather piece is a gift that can last a lifetime. Real leather products are extremely durable and years down the line, your son, nephew or husband can remember that you helped them purchase their favorite accessory.

More Real Leather Gifts for Him:

Not quite found what you’re looking for? Check out our full collection of real leather accessories here and find the perfect gift.

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