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Leather Bags for Men Built to Last a Lifetime

At The Real Leather Company, we’re passionate about all things leather.

We believe in classic style. In timeless elegance. We believe that the inherent natural properties of leather make the best goods.

In our store, we have a range of leather bags for men and a range of leather bags for women. The Daily is the perfect everyday work bag for busy commuters. The Standard is our ultimate convenient backpack, the ideal mix of comfort and style. For long weekend trips, we recommend The Full Grainer. It’s made from premium thick leather, but is built smartly enough to carry all your gear for an adventurous weekend.

Check out our full collection of premium leather bags for men on this webpage. Use the filters at the side of the page to cycle through our range of colors, leather type and laptop fits.

Types of Men's Leather Bags

If you're new to the world of leather, you'd be forgiven for having more than a little confusion as to which bag is right for you.

There's a ton of choice out there for a great real leather companion. Here are the main types we see our customers love:

1. Messenger Bags

For the modern go-getter, our messenger bags are the epitome of versatility. With their crossbody design and thoughtful shoulder straps,, these bags allow for hands-free convenience. Making them ideal for daily commutes or business travel.

2. Briefcases

Make a powerful statement with our classic leather briefcases. These bags scream executive. Making them the perfect mens leather bags for boardroom meetings and important presentations. With spacious interiors and refined exteriors. Our briefcases are designed to reflect your success and ambition.

3. Duffles

Our leather duffle bags are often the envy of friends and family. The high quality leather often means these can be travel bags for life. They are ideal as weekend bags for trips with partners, friends or family.

4. Backpacks

Our leather backpacks are designed for those with more casual requirements from a leather work bag or even a hiking backpack. We find that our more compact leather backpacks make ideal leather bags for women for work.

5. Accessory Bags

We also carry a range of leather bag accessories such as leather purses, leather crossbody bags, man bags, leather handbags, fanny packs, bum bags and sling bags. These are slightly smaller leather bags that can work great as day bags and provide easy access to your gear.

The Finest Craft

We only work with the finest craftspeople at The Real Leather Company. We believe the best materials and the most experienced artisans build the best gear. Our artisans have often passed down the trade for generations. They go to painstaking lengths to make sure your bag is one you are proud to wear.

We use premium full grain and top grain leather. The best we can find anywhere. Our hardware is brass alloy, with quality rivets and YKK zippers used. Only the best, so your bag will go the distance.

At the start of every design process, the first question we ask is: “how can we make sure this component does not fail?”. We reinforce rivets and every possible point of failure on the bag. You are in it for the long haul and we believe your bag should be too.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do leather bags last longer?

Bags made from leather will last longer than nylon or cotton equivalents. Leather is a natural material, designed to protect an animal in the wild. Leather has evolved over millennia to be ultra durable.

The top layer of the leather hide (we call this either full grain and top grain) will last the longest. Those are the only grades we use in our leather.

2. How do I care for a real leather bag?

We recommend taking special care to ensure the life of your leather bag is as long as possible. Use a good leather cream twice per year to deepen the patina, protect the leather and develop the water resistance of your bag.

If you get dirt on your bag, use a special leather cleaner. This is a gentle formula designed specifically to remove dirt, marks and contaminants from quality leather.

3. Can mens leather bags get wet?

Yes, leather bags can take a medium amount of moisture. A simple rainstorm is no problem.

But an extreme soaking or spillage on your bag can cause issues. If this happens, make sure to air-dry your leather bag in a cool, dry climate. If possible, stuff your bag with newspaper to make sure it dries in the correct shape.

4. Why should I choose a leather bag from The Real Leather Company?

Over the years, we’ve sold over 25,000 leather bags for men and collected over 1,000 5 star reviews. We’ve been walking this road for a long time and have learned a lot along the way. We use the best materials and the best artisans.

Our painstaking attention to detail has us review our customer feedback regularly to make sure our bags serve you in the best possible way.