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7 Best Leather Laptop Bags for Men 2021

best leather laptop bags for men 2020

On the lookout for a leather bag this year for yourself or a loved one?

Not sure what you need?

We get it - there’s just so many to choose from!

At The Real Leather Company, we think a premium leather laptop bag should be for life. If you agree, then shouldn’t you make sure you’re getting everything out of it you need?

Before going ahead and buying the first men’s leather laptop bag you see, have you thought about these three questions?

  • Do I want a messenger bag, a briefcase or a backpack?
  • Should I go for full grain leather, top grain leather or genuine leather?
  • What size laptop should my bag be built to hold?

All super important questions and if you can answer them, they should make sure you get just what you need. Read on for more information on these questions and our run down of the top 7 men’s leather laptop bags in 2021.

Types of Leather Laptop Bags

Leather Messenger Bags

Typically a great place to start, leather messenger bags are usually built specifically to house a laptop. Think more your mailbag or crossbody style.

Leather laptop messenger bags are becoming increasingly more popular with professional men – you’ve probably seen plenty of both younger and older guys carrying them to work.

We hear that our customers love these because are super convenient, easy to carry and give a real premium look.

Leather messenger bags tend to be a great first bag for a friend or family that is making that first step into the world of work. These bags say “I’m not a kid anymore, but neither am I a super serious high court judge”.

We see leather messenger bags as one of our best-selling collections due to their versatility. Got a meeting in the city? What about a night away with the wife? Or even a day picking up some new clothes? You’ll find leather messenger bags are usually suitable for any occasion.

Be sure to look closely at the dimensions and interior of any leather messenger bags. You want to be sure that this bag will hold everything you need.

Look closely at the weight too – as these are primarily held over the shoulder you want to make sure you get something that you can carry comfortably. It’s worth noting that if you’ve never had a bag made from leather before, you might find it a little heavier than you’re expecting.

Whether you’re an Indiana Jones type, or more a Jim Halpert type, you’ll find leather messenger bags are super versatile and a great choice for a leather laptop bag.

Are messenger bags the right leather laptop bag for you? Check out our leather messenger bags.

7 Best Leather Laptop Bags for Men 2020 Messenger Bag

Leather Briefcases

If the leather messenger bag falls somewhere between professional and casual, the leather briefcase falls firmly in the professional category.

You’ll find the leather briefcase is a great choice for those who are looking to be taken seriously – perfect for doctors, lawyers or any high powered professional (or one looking to get there!).

A classic staple for decades, the leather briefcase has evolved to be a great choice for a leather laptop bag.

Once a primary tool for papers and documents, many of the best-selling leather attaché briefcases these days will have special compartments for not just your laptop, but also your tablet, cell phone and charging cables too.

Be extra sure to look closely at the dimensions of a leather briefcase – they’re not built to stretch!

Weight is a really important consideration here. Whilst in the past it may not have been much of an inconvenience to carry a heavier leather briefcase (you really only carried papers and documents), these days that’s different. Most leather briefcases will only be carried with a top handle – when you’re carrying heavier devices this can become strenuous quickly.

Looking for a seriously professional leather laptop bag? Check out our collection of leather briefcases.

7 Best Leather Laptop Bags for Men 2020 Leather Briefcase

Leather Backpacks

Often more for the sophisticated outdoorsman, leather backpacks are increasingly becoming a great choice for a leather laptop bag.

You just can’t beat the convenience of a good backpack – they’re still the most comfortable way to carry a good deal of stuff. But, if you’re looking for a real upgrade on your old backpack from school, you might find leather backpacks are a great choice. They’re hardwearing, comfortable and give you that classic look you’re after.

Likely more useful for a casual setting, leather backpacks are a great choice for hiking, camping or even a weekend city break. Built to house a load of gear in really premium material, most will find a leather backpack a real step up.

We’d recommend looking closely for one that has a special padded laptop sleeve (usually this will go against your back).

These days, there are a ton of custom designs and secret pockets on many backpacks – we find these are always nice surprises for the wearer.

Again, note that as leather is heavier than most alternatives, leather backpacks may be a little heavier that your last school bag. Be sure to take that into account when reading up on your next bag.

On the lookout for a great leather backpack that fits your laptop? Take a look at our collection of leather backpacks.

7 Best Leather Laptop Bags for Men 2020 Leather Backpack

Type of Leather

If you’re new to this leather world, you might have seen words like ‘full grain leather’ and ‘top grain leather’ thrown around. Not sure what these mean? Don’t worry, most don’t! Here’s a quick guide:

Full grain leather

This is the very top layer of the leather hide and is the best grain available. It’s not treated, sanded or buffed – it’s exactly as it comes off the animal.

Because no chemical processes are permitted, it’s really difficult to work with and thus is the most expensive type of leather. However full grain leather is also the most hardwearing and usually lasts longest.

Take a look here at our full grain leather laptop bags.

Top grain leather

This is the most common leather you’ll see on higher end leather laptop bags. The very top layer of the hide is again used, however chemical processes are permitted this time. The hide can be buffed and sanded and imperfections removed. This usually leads to a more uniform and smooth finish to the bag.

Top grain right for you? Look here at our top grain leather laptop bags.

Genuine leather

After the top layer of hide has been split off for top and full grain leathers, the rest is used as genuine leather. Artificial processes are applied here in an attempt to make genuine leather look like top grain leather.

As this is not the most in demand type of leather, usually you will find genuine leather laptop bags a bit more on the affordable side.

Check out our genuine leather laptop bags.

Want to know more about the different types of leather? Check out our full guide here: Different Types of Leather: A Buyer’s Guide.

7 Best Leather Laptop Bags for Men 2020 Quality Leather

Laptop Fit

When buying a leather laptop bag, be sure to look into what size of laptop the bag is built to hold. Measure your laptop diagonally and make a note of this when you’re browsing different bags. Most laptops will be either 13, 15 or 17 inches and you’ll want a bag that protects your size the best.

Look for a product that specifically states it fits a ‘X inch laptop’. Bonus points if it’s in a padded sleeve too!

Measured your laptop?

Check out our leather bags for:

7 Best Leather Laptop Bags for Men 2020 Open Bag

Top 7 Leather Laptop Bags

Here at The Real Leather Company, we know leather laptop bags better than most. Below is our selection of the 7 best that are set to make an impact in 2020

The Daily

Designed to upgrade your daily look, we’ve found our customers love The Daily. It’s perfect for a laptop up to 15 inches and is made from premium top grain leather. Available in two colors, we’ve found The Daily is fast becoming the standard for leather messenger bags.

The Daily Leather Laptop Bag

The Jones

New this year, The Jones is a classic tribute to everyone’s favorite archaeologist. If you’re at it from dawn to dusk, just like Indy, you’ll find this full grain leather laptop bag will keep up with you and more! With plenty of room for a laptop up to 17 inches, this is a real premium item.

The Jones The Real Leather Company

The Attorney

Initially created to be a best-in-class lawyer’s leather messenger bag, The Attorney has found itself a spectacular place amongst our leather laptop bag best sellers. Crafted to fit legal size files and either a 15 inch or 17 inch laptop, this is one leather messenger bag that really stands out.

The Attorney

The Prime

More along the satchel route, The Prime is the quintessential leather laptop satchel. Made from premium full grain leather and built to fit up to 16 inch laptops, this is the classic satchel, but reimagined with only top class materials.

The Prime

The Brief

A recent addition, The Brief is a modern spin on the classic leather briefcase. Proving popular so far, our customers tell us they love the premium top grain leather and the special key locking mechanism. Built to fit 15 inch laptops, this is the perfect office carry.

The Prime

The Mahi

One of our best-selling backpacks, The Mahi is simple, yet premium. Made from the finest full grain leather, this elegant leather backpack is built to fit 15 inch laptops.

The Mahi

The Rolltop

A new spin on the classic backpack, The Rolltop allow you modify the size of your backpack, depending on the gear you want to put into it. Fill it up for those weekends away, or just pack lightly for a day in the city. Either way, this premium leather backpack is a great addition to your everyday carry collection

The Rolltop

Whatever route you choose to go down, at The Real Leather Company, we encourage you to buy a leather laptop bag with the intention to keep it for life – think heirloom quality.

Think deeply about what you’re going to use it for and be sure to get something you’re insanely proud to display.

Still browsing? Check out our full collection of leather laptop bags.