5 Best Leather Bags for Men This Year - A Complete Buyers Guide

mens leather bags buyers guide

Updated 05/08/2022.

If you're new to the world of leather bags for men, you'd be forgiven for having more than a little confusion as to which one is right for you.

There's a ton of choice out there for a great real leather companion and since they're a large investment, you're probably not going to take a gamble on something you're not sure of.

You're going to be looking for something that will make a statement and stand the test of time, but still be super useful. And quite right too.

In the following guide, we've presented all the different things to think about and options you've got for a man's leather bag.

Whether you're looking for something smaller and compact in a men's leather purse, or something a bit bigger in a leather duffel bag, we hope to break down all the choices here. All in the hope that what you're looking for becomes just that little bit clearer.

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Updated 01/10/2023.

If you're new to the world of leather bags for men, you'd be forgiven for having more than a little confusion as to which one is right for you.

There's a ton of choice out there for a great real leather companion and since they're a large investment, you're probably not going to take a gamble on something you're not sure of.

You're going to be looking for something that will make a statement and stand the test of time, but still be super useful. And quite right too.

In the following guide, we've presented all the different things to think about and options you've got for a man's leather bag.

Whether you're looking for something smaller and compact in a men's leather purse, or something a bit bigger in a leather duffel bag, we hope to break down all the choices here. All in the hope that what you're looking for becomes just that little bit clearer.

Ready now to look at our full collection of men's leather bags? Click the 'Shop the Full Collection' link below.

Which Grades of Leather Should I Consider?

In a nutshell, the grade of leather you choose is likely to be the most important choice you make when picking up a quality leather bag.

This is because the grade of leather determines the properties your bag will have. The higher the grade of leather, the longer a bags expected life. We always think it's a good idea to look for a bag that is built to last decades. That way, your bag will develop a character as it ages. Plus, you'll really get the most bang for your buck.

The actual animal you go for is important first. The thicker the hide, the longer it'll typically last but also the heavier your bag will be. Buffalo leather will be the thickest and heaviest. If you're going for maximum survivability, this will be your best option. Goat or even crocodile leather are acceptable thinner leather that are on the lighter side. Cow leather is somewhere in the middle, being both thick enough to really last and light enough for convenience.

After hide type comes leather grade.

There's a bunch of terms out there for leather grades. From the attractive sounding genuine leather (this is actually the worst grade of leather) to the equally premium sounding italian leather (this actually doesn't tell you anything about the quality of the leather). If you're looking for something that is really made to last, be sure you get a quality leather. Read below for the grades we think you should be looking out for.

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1. Full Grain Leather

Put simply, this is the tippity top of leather grades. The very top layer of the animal hide is the only thing used in production. This layer in ultra strong and made to withstand in even extreme conditions. Just think of the conditions a cow or buffalo might be expected to endure during its lifetime. Well their hide will act the same. And that's exactly what your bag will be made from. No processes or sanding is permitted here. It's straight from the animal, onto the bag.

Sounds simply right? Well, in reality full grain leather is the most difficult to work with. As no processes are permitted to make it more malleable, its notoriously challenging to craft with and takes real experts. On top of that it's expensive to buy from tanneries because everyone wants the best grades. So high demand + expert crafters = high prices. You will find full grain leather bags to be the most expensive types out there simply because they cost the most to produce. But in the long run, they wll outlast anything else out there.

Note aswell, that nothing is permitted to change the appearance of full grain leather. That means if there were blemishes or marks on the animal hide, these will be apparent too on the bag. For some, they love that this shows character and will even seek to add to these marks over the years to make something truly unique. But for others, often professionals, that seek a clean, uniform finish, full grain leather is unlikely to be their preference.

2. Top Grain Leather

Top grain leather is the answer when you're looking for a quality leather grade that is still smooth and sleek. If you've ever seen a shiny looking leather bag that just oozes quality in the workplace, it'll be top grain leather.

In this case, the top layer of the hide is still used, however processes are now permitted to buff or sand out any imperfections.

For many this can be the best of both worlds. You get almost all of the longevity properties of full grain leather as the top layer of the hide is still used. But then you get a sleek and smooth finish as imperfections can be sanded away.

As processes can slightly alter the durability of this leather, we recommend choosing a thicker hide from an animal that naturally produces these. Buffalo would be best, but cow hides are also naturally fairly thick and durable.

3. Genuine Leather

Be really wary when an item is marked as genuine leather. It sounds great right?

In reality this is actually the term used in the leatherworking industry for the lowest grade of real leather you can buy.

It's made from the lower layer of the animal hide which does not have any of the long lasting properties of the upper layer. Worse still, genuine leather is often made by combining all the scraps of older leathers together. Then processes are applied to make it look like top grain or full grain leather.

If your budget is a bit stretched, genuine leather is still an acceptable option. Especially over fake alternatives such as PU leather. But just know that a genuine leather item will not last over a quality leather grade and will almost certainly give out significantly earlier.

We advise caution and wariness when picking up a geniune leather item. Be sure it's from a reputable company that you trust.

4. PU or Faux Leather

There are a few terms out there for fake leather. The most common being PU or faux leather. These are in fact not real grades of leather at all. These materials are made from a combination of plastics and significant alteration processes.

Often, environmental concerns are significant with these leathers as they can cause significant pollution from all the plastic manufacturing processes required.

These are made to mimic as closely as possible real leathers. Usually they will feel man made. You may even describe them as cold and lifeless to the touch. They'll spring back to their original position when depressed and not give off any kind of natural feel.

These days, fakes are becoming better and better at imitating real leathers. They're cheaper than ever and harder to spot. So you've got to be super vigilant as no amount of crafting can ever make a faux leather item really last.

They will give out way before a quality natural leather item.

At The Real Leather Company, we do not typically recommend faux leathers as a good alternative to quality leathers.

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What Style of Leather Bag do I Need?

There's actually a ton of choices out there for a men's leather bag. You've got messengers, briefcases, rucksacks, duffles and more. Just what do you need and what is each best for?

Well, we've dived deep into our customer feedback and will present here the most common use cases we see for all the leather bags we offer in our collection. Here goes.

1. Leather Bags for Casual On-the-go'ers

In recent years, men's leather messenger bags have become perhaps the most popular choice for a men's leather bag. As more and more men are needing to carry around laptops and other devices for everyday use, a messenger bag is a great choice.

We tend to see that these types of leather bags for men are popular with more casual guys that want to be taken seriously at work. We get feedback that these bags are perfect for those want to give a real premium impression at work, but also show off a bit of their classic style.

If this sounds like what you're looking for, be sure to measure your laptop first (diagonally), then look for a leather laptop bag that fits your exact laptop. If you're ready to look now, feel free to browse our collection by laptop fit size:

As leather messenger bags are usually carried with a shoulder strap, you'll want to check out the weight too (especially if you're going to be carrying it long distances). If you've never had a leather bag before, you might be a little surprised at the weight.

Top tip: don't buy a bigger leather messenger bag than you need - weight is a real thing to consider here.

From here, you can check out our full collection of leather messenger bags.

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2. Leather Bags For Daily Commuters

If you're looking for something a little smaller, leather satchels or leather purses can be great options as leather mens bags.

These are ideal if you're just looking for a man's bag to carry your basics for the day. Think phone, wallet, keys and perhaps a small tablet or laptop.

You'll find leather purses way more convenient than overstuffing your pockets and they also make a great style statement. A day visiting a new city, or meeting friends for lunch tend to be great occasions to consider a leather satchel. Think of them as your 'day bag'.

We've been getting some great feedback recently on using our fanny packs as the perfect day bags. You can check out our collection here: Real Leather Fanny Packs.

Or, to view our full collection of smaller men's bags, you can check out our collection of leather satchels.

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3. Leather Bags for Classic Professionals

If you're looking to make a seriously good impression, you still can't beat a top quality leather briefcase.

We find our leather briefcases are really popular among lawyers, doctors, executives and others in high powered professional fields.

Hard shell leather attache briefcases were created in a time when paper was king. Most great hard shell briefcases will now have adapted to have slots to hold your laptop and other devices, however these will still function best for those with paper heavy professions.

Soft exterior leather briefcases will tend to be a great option for those that are looking for more protection for their devices. Look for something with a shoulder strap so that when things get ready, you can swap how you're carrying your briefcase.

At The Real Leather Company, we stock both hard and soft shell leather briefcases and you can check them out here: Leather Briefcases.

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4. Leather Bags For Weekend Vacationers

Looking to pick up a leather bag for men for a weekend away with friends or a partner? Leather duffle bags are a really great option. Not only will they keep your gear safe and secure, but they can take an absolute beating far better than most.

If you're looking for something for a relaxing weekend away, leather duffel bags will make a great impression at a fancy hotel.

But, if you're looking for something for a trip exploring, perhaps in the great outdoors, you won't find much out there that can stand the strain better than a quality leather duffel bag.

Not only are they great for trips, but you'll find a boatload of other occasions to use leather duffel bags for too. At The Real Leather Company, we love to use ours as gym bags and beach bags - they hold up way better than anything we've used before.

Here, you can check out our collection of leather duffel bags.

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5. Leather Bags for Outdoor Adventurers

Not your average backpack, men's leather backpacks are designed to be rough, rugged and primarily- great for the outdoors.

They'll hold up amazingly well to a really rough day hiking or exploring and will become even better companions over time. Grab all the gear out need for a day in the wilderness and pack it all in.

We've also seen great feedback from some customers on using their leather backpacks as an everyday carry companion. We make sure our leather backpacks are designed to hold all your gear, including a laptop. Sometimes, there's really no replacement for an awesome everyday backpack.

Here, you can check out our collection of leather backpacks.

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What Features Should I Look Out For?

Aside from the leather grades and styles out there, we also think you should be on the lookout for a bunch of features that we personally love in leather bags. After years of taking apart these things we think we know a thing or two about what can really maximize your enjoyment of one of these guys.

We've also again looked deep into what our customers tell us are their favorite parts of their bags. After tens of thousands of orders, here are what our customer prefer most.

1. Quality Hardware

This is one that there's really no alternative for. You really need the fasteners, buckles and especially zippers to be made thoughtfully and from premium materials.

Typically a metallic alloy like brass will be made to last. We also see stainless steel as a good option. It's no good getting full grain buffalo leather that is made to last decades, then pairing it with a lower quality metal that gives out after a few years. As quality leather is made to last, the metal hardware will naturally be the most susceptible to breakage.

You also need to strike a balance between convenience and durability with hardware. Buckles will simply never give out, such is the engineering behind them. But they also take forever to undo and redo. Zippers and magnetic fasteners are ultra convenient and can be opened and closed instantly. But, they also tend to give out faster.

We recommend a mix of buckles, push clips, magnetic fasteners and zippers on leather bags. The really crucial thing though, is to make sure each component is of quality. Buckles should be thick and durable. Stay away from thin zipper that will thread when your bag is full. Magnetic fasteners should be large and give a really nice snap into place.

2. Smart Interior

Whilst it may not seem important at first glance, it is super useful to have a thoughtful storage system. Most of us will carry a whole bunch of gear in our leather bags and it really helps if you can have different compartments for different stuff. If everything has its own place, you'll be able to grab it that much faster.

We love dividers in a leather bag. Even better if they are removable for those times you need to carry something extra large.

Zippers on the inside against your back for smaller gear are always useful when you want to grab that power bank or phone charger.

Secret pockets against your back can keep your gear secure and your mind at rest when traveling.

And don't forget about outer pockets too for keeping some gear separate like your water bottle or shoes.

Make the most of your space with really thoughtful design. Be sure you can see what the inside looks like before buying.

3. Considered Size & Weight

This is the easily the most common return and exchange reason we see. Read this three times.

If you want your leather bag to be perfect the first time, buy the size that you need. Not the bigger size you think you might want.

If you've never had a real leather bag before, you'll find it heavier than you're expecting. It'll be a a couple of pounds at the very least. It'll be heavier than your old backpack. This is because it's made from natural, premium leather that has a weight to it. Going down the hides to cow or even goat can help, but still - expect your bag to have a real weight to it.

Now you know this, make sure you don't get something bigger than you need just for the sake of it. If you have a 15 inch laptop (this is the most common size), get a bag that is made for a laptop that size. Not something for a 17 inch laptop.

If you're going to be commuting, especially with a shoulder bag, you'll want something that's comfortable and easy to carry. Get something that's the right size.

Gents, in this case bigger is not always better.

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4. Perfect Laptop Fit

To really protect your laptop, get a bag that is made for the exact right size. If it's too small, you may not be able to use the padded laptop sleeve at all meaning no real protection. If it's too large, your laptop will be moving around all the time.

Read the description carefully to find out exactly what size laptop the bag is made for.

Measure your laptop diagonally then compare it to the bag you like.

Always, always get something with a padded laptop sleeve. It's like taking out insurance - hopefully you'll never need it, but in our experience it's 100% worth it.

5. Convenient Carrying

One that no one seems to think about 'til they're stood uncomfortably on the subway with a painful buckle on a flimsy shoulder strap digging into their collarbone.

If you're looking at primarily a shoulder bag, look at the shoulder strap closely. Is it just a flimsy strap? Or is it thoughtfully made with extra padding and fully adjustable? Look for something that is a combination of leather and canvas for ultimate comfort. Bonus if it's removable and there's a nice top handle - you just got yourself a briefcase too.

If you're looking at backpacks or duffles, a luggage strap can be a godsend. These allow you to attach your bag onto the handles of rolling suitcases when going through airports or on commutes. It's like your two bags become one easy to wheel companion.


There's nothing worse than frayed stitching. Naturally, there will be some of this on occasion, but after you've reomved any excess, there should be nothing coming away that compromises the integrity of the bag.

We really believe there's no substitute for an experts hand stitch. At minimum you want a really through, extra thick machine stitch. Make sure the thread is thick - this is really important in thicker leathers. Even better if it's doubled up.

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What Colors Should I Be Looking At?

Colors are just my preference right?

Well, we do agree on this one. The most important thing about the color is that you like it. But there are a few other things to consider.

Naturally, leather only really comes in different shades of brown. So if you're looking for maximum durability with full grain leather, you're looking at brown leather bags. There's all types of shades, but typically they'll be on the darker side.

If you want a black leather bag, you'll usually be looking at top grain leather as processes are permitted to dye this a different color. Bags in black are always a classic as they go with any outfit.

Know that with quality full grain leather, each hide is unique (just like our own skin). So the color may vary slightly from what you see on any webpage. The color will also change a little over time as a rich patina develops and the bag begins to take a beautiful distressed look. Typically, the colors will get richer but also fade slightly.

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How Do I Care for my Leather Bag?

Know first that leather will care for itself significantly better than most other materials. Scratches and marks will be dealt with impunity. A good leather bag doesn't really care if it gets marked. It adds to the character of the bag then just keeps on truckin'. No stray branch or rusty nail should be able to rip or ruin a really good leather bag.

But, if you really want to guarantee the long life of your leather bag, there are a few things you can do to make sure it stands the test of time as well as possible.

1. Get a Good Leather Conditioner

These are really handy for developing a rich patina. We recommend using a good leather conditioner on the surface of your bag every six months. This keeps the fibers in check and can also help to waterproof your bag by giving it a protective layer.

We recommend this all natural leather cream.

2. Keep it away from Extreme Weather

Excessive heat, wet or damp can affect a bag as it's made from an all natural material.

Keep it away from excessive rain or wet weather whenever possible. It's not a total disaster if this isn't possible, you'll just need to air dry it out quickly to stop any mold growing (as it's a natural material mold is a possibility).

Too much direct sunlight is not always an issue as all it really does is speed up the natural distressing process. If this is what you're looking for, then no problem!

Whatever you do, just make sure you store a leather bag in a cool, dry place with . Keep it away from that flooded basement and you've got nothing to worry about!

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Top 5 Leather Bags for Men This Year

We like to think at The Real Leather Company, we know men's leather handbags a little better than most. So to help our customers, we got our heads together and came up with our top 5 men's leather bags that we think our customers will love most this year.

Check them out below.

Designed to upgrade your daily look, we’ve found our customers love The Daily. It’s perfect for a laptop up to 15 inches and is made from premium top grain cowhide leather.

It has a premium adjustable shoulder strap, meaning it's suitable for adults of all sizes. You also have the option to carry it as a briefcase, due to the convenient top handle. It's interior pockets mean that all your gear can go just in the right place.

Available in two colors, we’ve found The Daily is fast becoming the standard for leather messenger bags.


Sold out

"This is exactly what I wanted. Gorgeous, rugged and well built. Classic and sophisticated at the same time." - Jonathan D., The Daily customer

One Bag for Life

The last satchel you'll ever need.

Let’s face it – every grown-up needs a good bag. We know the transition into adulthood is a shock to the system, and our inner-child often doesn’t know how to cut through the chaos and find the accessories we need to “adult” with confidence. Lucky for you, we’ve removed the guesswork and created the only work-and-life bag you’ll ever need ever again.


The Daily is more than a satchel bag – it’s the workplace companion for men you didn’t even know you needed (you’re welcome). This super-professional, stylish, and grown-up 15” men's leather briefcase messenger bag is where timeless class and built-in convenience meet, with an ageless aesthetic and, of course, ample space for all of your stuff.

And when we say all of it, we mean it.

Store not only the standard paraphernalia like your 15” – 17” laptop, iPad, pens, journal, and wallet, but your lunch and spare clothes too. Thoughtful and neat compartments keep life’s essentials in reach. No more digging around. No more frustration.

The Daily doesn’t only slay at the office. This bad boy is the perfect wingman after-hours too, whether you’re headed for happy hour beers or hiking in the great outdoors. We also hear a lot of our customers complimenting this as a great camera messenger bag.

Our leather messenger bag’s convenience is matched only by its comfort and premium build, designed to keep up with your lifestyle through first-class durability and breathability.


Crafted by artisans using premium cowhide leather and superior brass and metal hardware, this extra-thick lifestyle companion will stay with you as long as you allow it to – and seeing as each is made by hand, no two shoulder bags are ever the same.

A fully adjustable shoulder strap also puts you in control of your comfort and aesthetic.


“They” say it’s what’s on the inside that counts, but with The Daily, you’ll rock your personality on the outside too.

Set your inner-alpha free. Invite this rugged, classic leather briefcase to be a part of your everyday escapades – your only regret will be that you didn’t do it yesterday.



Skeptic no more

"I was skeptical to order another leather bag online, having just had a previous bad experience with another company. But upon receiving The Daily Messenger Bag, I am a skeptic no more. It is perfect, awesome and gorgeous. I even discovered a couple of features that weren’t mentioned in the product description. I love it. Thanks The Real Leather Company." - Les Reu, The Daily customer


Great Bag

"I was looking for a stylish, durable leather bag to transport my 15” laptop and a few other items back and forth to the office daily that wasn’t a big bag. This bag seems to be of excellent quality, the leather is top notch, and I think this bag will only get better with age. Very happy with this bag and recommend, definitely would buy again." - Joe, The Daily customer

New this year, The Jones is a classic tribute to everyone’s favorite archaeologist. If you’re at it from dawn to dusk, just like Indy, you’ll find this full grain genuine leather laptop messenger bag will keep up with you and more! With plenty of room for a laptop up to 17 inches, this is a real premium item.


Sold out

"This top quality briefcase is handsome in a subtle, elegant way. It's perfect in its design, with compartments for every need from cell phone to laptop." - C. Anderson, The Jones customer


Like the prominent explorer of the same name, this leather bag is always up for an adventure. But you don’t need to be a college archaeology professor to rock this bag…whether you’re a lawyer, accountant, or just a regular human trying to adult, this bag proves not all heroes wear capes. Some simply sport premium leather while they explore the world from dawn ‘till dusk, with all their paraphernalia neatly and safely tucked away at arm’s reach.

Where Handsome Meets Elegance

He’s brave. He’s iconic. He’s ruggedly handsome. He has a cool hat. Wait. Who are we talking about again? Well, we could be talking about Indy himself – but this bag’s just as smart, fun, and the full package in one.

A Companion for Life

Like Indy, you’re at it from sunrise to sunset . You’ve got a lot of stuff to lug around wherever you go, and you need more than an aging rucksack.

You need a ruggedly charming messenger bag that packs in every punch…




Thoughtful compartments.

A weathered aesthetic that only gets better with age.

The Refined Man’s Sidekick

Whether you’re burning the midnight oil at the office or headed for beers with the boys, this is the men's leather messenger laptop bag you didn’t even know you needed.

Handcrafted from premium full grain leather – the highest grade on God’s Earth – this is the bag for the gentleman on the move. It's perfect for use as a leather book bag, leather camera bag or even a leather diaper bag.

From 17” laptops to books and top-secret archeology files, or, you know, standard paperwork…The Jones holds it all in style.

Don’t Worry – No Snakes Included

Just like Indy himself, this bad boy is like the cool professor you’ll wish you had at school. When you feel like life’s getting the better of you, show it who has more chest hair and a better hat. Show it your Indy spirit with The Jones.

Judging from this rugged beast’s badass reviews, we know you’ll love The Jones too.

Try it – we dare you.


Much Better Than Expected

"I ordered this on Black Friday, getting a good price. I was skeptical on just how good it would look, function, & hold up with heavy use. I have two other leather bags that I love, but I wanted to mix it up a bit. It feels good quality, and it doesn't fold and crinkle like cheap 'paper leather' that I have seen with other leather messenger bags on Amazon.

I'm excited to put it through the paces, and keep it in the bag rotation." - Eric, The Jones customer



"This is of excellent quality. Most accolades have already been expressed. To offer a new one, let me state this:" After your demise, your children will fight over who gets this bag!" - Jeffery Taylor, The Jones customer


Once this everyday companion is on your shoulder, you’ll see what we mean when we say it’s the last men's messenger bag you’ll ever buy.

There's a convenient front pocket where you can store your tablet, along with loads of other inner compartments for all your other devices and docu

There's room for all the gear you might need (including a padded compartment for a 15.6 inch laptop) and its classic brown aesthetic is only half the story – dig a little deeper, and you’ll find this protagonist’s full storyline…


Sold out

"Got this for my husband for his birthday. He seems to love it! Looks awesome on and he says it fits all his gear." - Harriet, The Everyday customer


Every man has three things: 5pm stubble, a good tie, and a quality briefcase. If you’re a man – or you know a man – who is missing one of the above, let us bridge the gap. While we can’t help you grow your beard or tie collection, we can kit you out with The Everyday leather briefcase bag that’s capable, charming, and rugged enough to keep up with you whether you’re being manly at the office or at home on the couch.


Once this everyday companion is on your shoulder, you’ll see what we mean when we say it’s the last briefcase you’ll ever buy.

There's room for all the gear you might need (including a padded compartment for a 15.6 inch laptop) and its classic brown aesthetic is only half the story – dig a little deeper, and you’ll find this protagonist’s full storyline…

Everyday Durability

You need a bag that’s just as tough and manly as you are – one that’s built by artisans to withstand the everyday hustle.

That’s why we built this practical, spacious men’s briefcase using superpremium,
thick, top-grain leather and brass & metal hardware that, like you or your man, only gets more handsome and charismatic with time.

Everyday Companion

Once your hands are wrapped around the (totally adjustable) straps of this kickass leather briefcase bag, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it.

Seriously – organization and class make life so much better.

Everyday Capacity

We’ve kitted this timeless leather briefcase bag out with a compartment for absolutely everything imaginable, every day.

From the standard stuff like your 15.6 inch laptop and notebook – to the other everyday staples you can’t move without like your phone and cards – this leather day bag holds it all. And it does so in style, taking your adult game to the next level.

Put The Everyday to the test and see for yourself.


Perfect portions
"I've been looking for a bag that has a good layout for handling a variety of items; notebook and pens, headphones, computer, a couple of cellphones, on and on. This bag has pockets in all the right places and looks great at the same time. Very happy with the purchase." - Ternowski, The Everyday customer

Husband loves it
"Got this for my husband for his birthday. He seems to love it! Looks awesome on and he says it fits all his gear. Worth mentioning it's a little on the heavier side, but I guess that's real leather. Thanks guys!" - Harriet, The Everyday customer

With The Compact, you won't believe how much gear you can fit in this stylish backpack.

Designed to be sleek and compact, this rucksack is the perfect mix of urban class and convenient accessory.

It's made from only the finest premium top grain cowhide leather. This is the very top cut of the animal hide. Therefore, the fibers of the hide are still intact. Meaning your bag is made to go the distance. It's not uncommon to find that bags made from top grain animal hide can keep going for decades.


Sold out

This bag will only get better with age.

"Stopped everywhere I go!!! Best bag I ever owned. Excellent quality leather. Durable. Thick. Heavy magnets. Great zippers. This should last years." - Anonymous, The Compact customer


The storage space is so vast it's almost crazy. There's actually two large compartments for all your gear. We like to use one for your devices with the padded laptop sleeve and the extra space for a tablet or smaller laptop. Then the other for any clothes or books you're taking with you. The three pockets can be super convenient for keeping your sunglasses case, smaller devices and wallet separate if you need to quickly grab those. The two quick access side pockets are great for your water bottle (and your partners!).

Bonus: it can even make a super convenient baby bag.


It's even got a convenient luggage strap. So if you're traveling and also have a suitcase, you can attach it and never actually need to carry the backpack itself. There's also a mesh rear on this backpack, helping to keep your back cool when walking long distances.

All your gear in one convenient, classy backpack that's built to last a lifetime. That's The Compact.

  • Made from premium top grain cowhide leather
  • Available in light brown and dark brown colors
  • Quality hardware and premium zippers
  • Padded shoulder straps are fully adjustable
  • A mesh rear gives breathability for your back
  • The main flap uses a convenient magnetic closure
  • Two main compartments are opened with zippers
  • The first large main compartment has a padded laptop sleeve and room for other devices like a tablet
  • The second large compartment has room for extra clothes, books or devices
  • The front zipper compartment is large and can be used for a sunglasses case
  • The two smaller front zippers can be used for smaller items like smartphones, computer mouse or credit cards
  • The side pockets are designed for easy access items like water bottles or aerosol cans
  • Padded laptop sleeve fits up to 15-inch screen display laptops (diagonal measurement)
  • Dimensions: 16.1" H x 4.7" W x 12.2" L
  • Weight: 3.8lbs

Built from the highest grade leather available, The Full Grainer is built to last a lifetime.

By ordering a bag made from full grain buffalo leather you're investing in only the very top hide of the toughest buffalo leather. No chemical processes are permitted and it's notoriously difficult to work with. But the rewards of this hard work will be seen by your friends and family for decades to come as the patina and character of your bag continues to develop.


Sold out

"Seems like a really great bag. Gotta admit I didn't open it before my dad did for his birthday so I wasn't sure. But he loves it and when I held it up I couldn't believe how thick the leather was. I'm sure it'll last ages. Really happy, thanks RLC!" - O.M., The Full Grainer customer


This handmade leather duffle bag is crafted by expert artisans that have passed down the art for generations. The distressed leather* gives the ultimate vintage look.


Along with the premium leather, this bag also uses YKK zippers and brass hardware, along with metal studs in the bottom of the bag. These help to keep extending the lifespan of your duffle.

The water resistant lining keeps your gear safe and the thoughtful internal zippers and holders keep all your gear organized.


Perfect as a weekend travel bag or even an everyday gym bag, The Full Grainer is the ultimate in premium classic leather duffles.

  • Made from premium full grain buffalo leather - the strongest grade available
  • High-quality brass hardware
  • YKK metal zippers
  • Durable adjustable leather carrying strap can be disconnected
  • Five solid brass feet to protect the bottom of bag to keep the bag upright and protect the leather from the ground
  • Quality, water resistant lining
  • Interior sections for cards/pens and cell phone
  • Two small zippered side pockets
  • Approved size by major airlines
  • One large main compartment secured with a zipper
  • One interior zippered pocket
  • Dimensions: 20" L x 7" W x 11" H
  • Weight: 4.5lbs


Exceptional Quality

"Really good buy. Arrived on time in perfect condition. The bag is a Christmas gift for my husband and he LOVES it. He said that the bag looks like something "Indiana Jones" would have. Thank you so much." - Caterina, The Full Grainer customer

Extremely high quality duffle

"Very heavy duty, extremely high quality, real leather over night - carry on duffel bag. Bag came just in time for me to use it on my 2 day trip to NY yesterday. Bag has nice strong leather handles and an adjustable shoulder strap made from leather and woven material. I packed a pair of shoes and several days worth of clothes in the duffel along with a toiletry bag. The bag maintained it's shape during travel. It feels sturdy. It fit well in the overhead bin on the plane. It's a shame I can only give it 5 stars." - Brandon, The Full Grainer customer

So there you have it - a guide to the different types of men's leather bags and our top 5 picks.

Looking for a great day bag? Check out a men's leather purse.

What about a professional work bag for your grandson whose about to become a lawyer? Maybe check out a leather briefcase.

Whatever your case or occasion, we think there's a great men's leather bag in our collection for you or your loved one.

If you're still not 100% sure what you're looking for, why not check out our full collection of men's leather bags. We've put our most popular items first in the collection, so you can see what our customers are preferring.

Your most common questions


In all cases, we offer Free Shipping to the USA. For most items, Free Shipping is also available to Canada. Most orders are processed and shipped within 1-3 business days of receipt.

All purchases from our store come with a 30-day moneyback guarantee. Got your eye on something? Try it out for 30 days. If it's not for you, just return it to us and we'll refund your order. And we promise, no hard feelings!


Typical delivery times to the United States and Canada are between 2-5 business days for most items.


Treating a real leather bag with care can extend its life by years.

We recommend the following to care for your leather bag.

Always wash your hands before caring for leather - oil from your hands can easily transfer to leather hide.

Once a week, we recommend taking a soft, dry (or slightly damp) cloth and briskly sweeping the leather. Don't forget the inside too! Use a cloth to wipe down the lining and remove any dirt or residue.

Use a good leather cream or conditioner once or twice per year to prevent your bag becoming dry or cracked. If you live in a dryer climate, you may need to do this more often. Simply apply the cream to the entire bag with a cloth and rub off any excess. We recommend using this all natural leather cream for our bags and cases.

Be sure to take the time to care properly for your leather. If you do, your bag can have a good, long life.


At this time, we do not provide monogramming or embossing services. However, all our bags can be monogrammed by most leather working dealers. We recommend taking our bags to your local dealer for more information.

CAN I GET IT customized?

Leather bag customization is possible in some limited circumstances. We are sometimes able to customize sizes, however this depends on currentt manufacturing capability. Price is dependent on level of customization required.


Wherever possible, avoid damp or moisture on your leather bag. We know this is not always possible, so if your bag does get wet, here's what you do.

If you spill something on it, blot away the moisture with a clean dry cloth as quickly as you're able to.

Caught in a rainstorm? Be sure to let your leather bag completely air dry and do not use a heat source to speed up the drying (this can damage the leather). Stuff the bag with newspaper to help the bag keep its shape and absorb moisture from the inside.


As this bag is made from real leather, it is likely to emit a strong, natural leather smell when you first receive it. This will fade over time.

Should this smell not be to your liking, we recommend airing out your bag in a cool, dry climate for 48 hours.