Men's Leather Work Bags

Men's Leather Work Bags for the Classic Professional

Looking for a new bag for the office? Here at The Real Leather Company, we believe that men's leather work bags are the best option. You want something that is going to give the right impression, yet invest in quality that lasts. For us, there's nothing that meets that criteria better than a premium leather bag. Our bags are designed to not just show the world you're a true pro, but also to be surprisingly convenient for all the gear you need every day.

So there's a whole bunch of things your men's workbag could be made from. And most of them are cheaper. So why leather? Well strap in. The world of leather is a fascinating one. Firstly, leather will last so much longer than really any other alternative. After all, it's a real animal skin that is intended to protect the animal for the whole of it's life. Think of all the weathers and predators that these animal hides will have evolved to guard from over the millenniums. We often say that our leather work bags for men are built to last a lifetime. If you care for your leather goods diligently, there's no reason why this shouldn't be the case. Secondly, leather is regarded as a premium quality material. As it's rare, expensive and difficult to work with this says a lot about the wearer. It shows you're a man that values things that are built to last. You respect goods that take hard work to get right and believe in investments that will last. Thirdly, you won't need to replace a men's work bag in leather as frequently as other choices, if at all. In the long run, you're likely to actually save money on work bags by choosing something made from either full grain or top grain leather.

We recommend only either full grain or top grain leather in work bags for men. These are the very top layers of the hide with the fibers intact. They will outlast any other cuts such as bonded or genuine leather. If you're going to invest in a quality leather bag, you might as well invest in the leather that will last longest too. It should be noted that real leather is not 100% water resistant, so be careful when in an especially wet climate.

Look out for a work bag that will fit your computer perfectly. Measure your computer diagonally (e.g. 15 inches, 17 inches) then look for a laptop bag or laptop backpack with a padded laptop sleeve that is the right size. On our store, every product page tells which size laptop it will fit.

Leather messenger bags are a type of men's work satchel you might consider. These are a modern style and popular with the younger generation. These crossbody bags show that you're a man that believes in quality, but still consider yourself a casual dude.

Leather briefcases are that step up for men's leather business bags. Think managers and executives. You need something that shows you're a serious guy making moves in the world. You're a handshaker and anything else would be absurd.

Attache cases are for those who really need to show off their professionalism. Lawyers, doctors, accountants. Guys that need to look 100% diligent.

Men's leather backpacks for work can be really useful when you need to carry a bit more gear than a shoulder bag can support. Typically they would be more popular with a younger crowd when a casual look is appropriate. However, that leather will still show you care about quality.

Duffles are an interesting choice for a work bag. It's one that we see growing as men want to carry more stuff. Think your gym gear for your lunch break. In these, you can store everything you need for the work, then throw it in your car. Some of our models even have separate compartments for shoes and laptops.

Here at The Real Leather Company, we believe it investing in a leather work bag that is built to last decades. Grab yours today.